Jaggle Bells – 72

[The introduction of new JAG characters: Chloe and Jordan Parker]

Bud (B) and Harriet (Ht) were handing out mounds of Christmas gifts at children’s hospital. Bud said he knew how lonely it could get from when he had a candy cane stuck up his nose. Harm (H) was acting department head while Chegwidden (C) went to Italy to see his daughter Francesca and let everyone secure early because of the blizzard. The airport was closed so C returned to an empty office and was upset. Chloe arrived at JAG saying she was “looking for her mother,” Mac (M), as well as other lies. She proceeded to act rude, offensive and embarrass M by telling C that she “though he would have more hair and why didn’t he ask M out?”
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The Black Jet – 71

Jack Keeter (Harm’s (H) old roommate, rescued from Cuba) had multiple severe computer malfunctions while flying recon over Iran in a stealth F117. Under a plan of Webb’s (W), he was looking for reported nuclear weapons using new technology which allowed the Stealth to automatically land on a carrier. He was able to land in Iran and walk out to prevent anyone from finding the Stealth; but, he had been found by the Iranians and taken to prison. JAG officers Brumby (Brum), who had previous assignments in Iran, and Mac (M) were assigned to help defend Keeter in court. Brumby magnanimously deferred to H which prompted M to tell him that she didn’t “hold hard feelings” for him trying to pin a murder charge on her.
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People vs. Mac – 70

[Follow-up from previous episode]

Chris Ragle (Ms ex-con husband from whom she hasn’t gotten a divorce) did not leave as promised and ran to Mac’s (M) apartment as sanctuary from loan shark Benny Turpin. Turpin broke down her door and beat up Ragle but not before M had broken the nose of one of his thugs. When they left with a 24-hour ultimatum for repayment of “$15 bills” Ragle said “honey” I’m home. Mac went to Harm’s (H) apartment to talk but found Bobbi Latham (L) there and left. Harm was back from “straightening out a congressional committee” and found new Mic Brumby (Brum) at JAG with “open ended” TAD orders from his Australian command. Brum began disagreeing with H from his first meeting in a visible and challenging way. He tried to force his “advice” on H about M; and, being annoyed, H told him that M was “just a friend.” Mac was noticeably distracted but told H “I already tried” when he attempted to get her to talk. He said “let’s talk now” but was interrupted, yet again, by a phone call from Latham.
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Mr. Rabb Goes to Washington – 69

[An important episode to the “back story” where Mic Brumby came, Congresswoman Latham came and attached herself to Harm, and Christopher Ragal came, announcing himself as Mac’s ex-con husband.]

A “recon” team, at El Bakkar Kuwait before the Gulf War, was accused of using Sarin nerve gas on three American scientist traitors who were helping SadDAM. Sgt Clyde Morrison was currently the only survivor after PO Cary Dugan, who had videotaped the mission, committed suicide. Congresswoman Bobbi Latham (L) was holding House Committee hearings and asked Chegwidden (C) to assign Harm (H) TAD to her office to help be her “truth detector.” She said “I’ll owe you one,” and C told her that he had “every intention of collecting.”
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Angels 30 – 68

Harriet (Ht), pregnant, burst into tears at the drop of the hat. The JAG, Chegwidden (C), found her crying about Bud (B) not having called from his assignment in 29 Palms. He explained to her that it was “HORMONES” and showed her two scars on his balding head. One from 39 stitches given him by the Viet Cong and the other where his ex-wife had knocked him unconscious 6 hours with an electric can opener in her 2nd trimester. He invited Ht to dinner with him but told her not to “make him regret it.” Later, she nauseated him with a sardine Dagwood sandwich then threw out his risotto lunch when she cleaned out the fridge.
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Act of Terror – 67

An Arab, Nassen, was hired, with others, to blow up the USS Wake Island. The attempt was discovered and Nassen was captured while a young Syrian was shown watching through binoculars from a car on land. Nassen was airlifted, under guard, back to Washington; and, on television a guard, Corporal Barry, shot him. Jag officer Harm (H) was assigned to defend and Mac (M) prosecute and Admiral Morris felt obligated to remind H of when he shot a weapon in court – which would NOT happen again! Agent Novak, FBI, was obstructive to Hs investigations telling him that “my only mistake was not sending you to prison.”
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The Martin-Baker Fan Club – 66

A mental patient in the war stress recovery unit, Dick LaCroix, began not taking his medications due to provocation by another patient. He stood by a window, which he had pried free, reliving his ejection from a burning plane and “ejected” from the window before an attendant could notice. Harm (H) was asked to defend, again, the “provocateur” now being charged with murder, Roscoe Martin, the “accordion playing, paraplegic, former POW who skewered his Vietcong captor on a Georgetown street.” The JAG, Chegwidden (C), wouldn’t, at first, allow H the time off until he observed that “he represents the 1/2 million who were defined by that war.” Chegwidden recalled that the Commander of his old SEAL platoon who was hospitalized after starting to talk to himself. Chegwidden took him some board games but found him drowsy from drugs. Two months later he had completely stopped communicating, was bedridden and in diapers, and the board games had never been touched.
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Going After Francesca – 65

[A major JAG episode where Chegwidden’s ex-wife is introduced]

The JAG, Chegwidden (C), was in Italy on an “inspection tour” and to visit his daughter, Francesca. Harm (H) and Mac (M) are there for the court-martial of WO Ray Dillard accused of stealing five stinger missiles to sell to Afghanistan. Chegwidden stopped to dress down two unruly sailors accosting a woman and was injured while Francesca was kidnapped. Italian Sgt Cade thought it had to do with “ransom” from her wealthy stepfather Vittorio Paretti; but, C “knew” it was related to Dillard or the Afgani’s. Chegwidden interrogated Dillard and, as defense attorney, H advised him not to wave his rights. Chegwidden offered him immunity on any new information if he helped retrieve Francesca. Dillard said he didn’t know about the kidnapping but wouldn’t answer who his contact was. Chegwidden told H and B to personally escort him to the courtroom and M to “nail his ass to the wall” – to add pressure to cooperate.
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Innocence – 62

The JAG vs. Chaplain Corps baseball game was interrupted by the SECNAVs phone call sending Harm (H), Mac (M) and Bud (B) to Japan for an investigation. A Japanese citizen, Ichiro Higashimori, charged a Surface Warfare Officer aboard the Reprisal with raping his daughter Jun. The commander of Naval Forces Japan, Admiral Arthur Fissenden (Fis), was immediately in Hs face and H responded by “suggesting” political pressure “may not help.” Fissenden said H had been selected to lead this investigation because of how he juggled politics of the “Siggonella helicopter tragedy” so “quit whining and start juggling.”
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Embassy – 63

On his way to visit with the US president, professor Dubotu – peoples poet beloved by Sudanese, was mugged. A car pulled up and chased the mugger away at gunpoint then slugged Dubotu and kidnapped him. JAG officers Harm (H) and Mac (M) have returned from Russia and H packed up his fathers memorabilia which he kept in his office. He removed his fathers MIA bracelet that he had always worn. Webb (W) and Chegwidden (C) brief them on a “mission” which the SECNAV had authorized. Since the Sudanese president had been assassinated, two factions were fighting for power. In the north was Ambassador Ki Moshak, new school, politically savvy and says he’ll let there be US presence; in the south was, hard-liner, old school, US hating general Hyad Zulake. Dubotu hadn’t taken sides but whoever he endorses would win.
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Gypsy Eyes – 64

[The long awaited follow-up from the JAG last season’s cliffhanger which left Harm and Mac in Russia flying their stolen MIG into a cloud and followed immediately by a missile which exploded. Probably the most pivotal episode in the entire series and includes many of the Russian characters we have met over the past years, unknowingly a prelude to this episode. It has a somewhat complicated plot with difficulties in understanding all the motives; but, provides “closure” to at least one of the sub-plots – or does it?]

Before the missiles hit them Harm (H) and Mac (M) in their stolen russian MIG, they went into a cloud and punched out! A gypsy brother and sister, Vasya and Ruszka, found H hanging in a tree, conconscious and without his helmit and tried to steal his silk parachute. Harm was rescued from a knife fight with Vasya by M who hadn’t gotten hung up in a tree and had a gun and money for a bribe.
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