Into the Breech – 97

[Renee Peterson was introduced to the series as someone who was going to produce a Navy recruiting commercial]

Renee Peterson was hired to produce a recruiting commercial and was frustrated by being stuck with the legal aspect instead of something “interesting.” She ran around arrogantly abusing everyone at JAG, even Singer (S). Chegwidden (C) tried to give Harm (H) acting advice from his experience on the film “field of gold.” He assigned H and Mac (M) to assist in a mock trial being undertaken by cadets at the Iron Force Naval academy where his friend Commander Haglan worked. They were going to enact the trial of gunners mate Gregory Riordan, posthumously, for 29 counts of 1st degree murder when he blew up a gun turret to get even with his shipmates for hazing him.
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Ghosts of Christmas Past – 96

[A well written JAG role playing episode]

JAG officer Harmon Rabb (H) did his annual pilgrimage to the Vietnam Memorial wall in memory of his father and met Jenny Lake there who was a former USO singer, (played by Mac (M), with her voice altered). Lake told H about her experience with Hs father aboard the Ticonderoga back when he was shot down. Mikey played ensign Kyle Everett, PR officer; “Rick” (from Magnum PI) played Harvey Bambini, their road manager; Big Bud was Jerry Colonna; Teddy was Les brown; Harriett was Phyllis Diller; congresswoman Latham Dianna Ross; Harm Rabb Senior; Bud – “Hoot” Rabb’s RIO; SECNAV Mort Reese, reporter; Brumby CAG (voice dubbed); Gunny Joe Garcia, intruder pilot; Palmer – “Tong“, Badman 2 in Rabb’s squad; Chegwidden – a “slow” southern sailor who gave directions to Jenny Lake; Osborn – an old grateful sailor who said thanks to Lake at the wall; Singer – “JoJo” who put down Tong while he was chatting her up; and, Tiner Archie, a sailor who chatted up other troop members by lying to them.
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Mishap – 95

Elizabeth “Skates” Hawkes was acting as LSO (“Paddles”) when Lt Dalton Jonas crashed into the fantail of the USS Patrick Henry. In investigation Mac (M) thought she was “culpable” and Brumby (Brum) said she was “not.” Mac and Brum prosecute, Capt Ingles decided to hold court-martial and Harm (H) was assigned to defend her. Hawkes told H that Jonas was a “deck spotter” and didn’t fly the ball. “He eased the gun on final and then made a play for deck – he panicked.” She said that she didn’t want to send him around again because “he probably couldn’t keep it together.” However, she kept second guessing and blaming herself. Harm reminded her of when he grabbed her chute and kept her from going into the ocean and told her “I didn’t drop you then and I won’t drop you now.”
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Contemptuous Words – 94

[A weakly written episode with blatant computer/internet related errors]

A letter was printed in the newspaper critical of President Clinton and claiming to be from a Naval Officer. It said Clinton had “imposed his own bravery-deprived character on the Air Force” citing the air war over Kosovo. It called him “sleazily disgraceful.” While getting a golf lesson from Congresswoman Leatham, Harm (H) was told that he had been selected for promotion to commander. Chegwidden (C) then added him to the “posse” trying to catch the officer who was contemptuous of the president.
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The Colonel’s Wife – 93

A drug bust found a package with a return address of Olivia Banning, the wife of the Colonel in charge of drug interdiction in Panama. JAG officers Harm (H) and Mac (M) were sent undercover to investigate Colonel Bradley Dunston and his wife, the former Olivia Banning, for sending drugs in a diplomatic pouch as cigars. The NCIS agent Grondyke condescendingly assisted them posing as civilian “inspectors.” Harm got photo’s of Banning meeting a known drug dealer, Carlos Rojas who was working for the Sauteras “family.” Grondyke had a wiretap recording of an affectionate call between Rojas and Banning and them arranging a meeting at night. Harm had the idea to have Bernado, an informant, tell Dunston of a drug “meeting” at the same time as his wife’s “affair” meeting with Rojas to see if he “took bait” and was “dirty” too.
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Rogue – 92

Bud (B) was assigned as the JAG liaison to the ex-SEAL Jack Raglan who conducts “mock” terrorist activities on naval facilities in order to test security. General Otis Flannick arrogantly ignored Raglan’s breaking into and blowing up his base until Raglan added “believability” to it by adding public humiliation and “capturing” his wife from her shower. Bud hoped that would end his assignment but Chegwidden (C) told him that he was the most junior so he had to do it. Bud told Harm (H) that he didn’t think the sentries, with live ammunition, knew it was just a game so H went to talk with Raglan. During a manly hug Raglan stole Hs wallet – in order to teach him a lesson about security; but, H had already taken out his ID cards and lifted Raglan’s wallet as well. He said “fake left, go right” and reminded him of their football days together.
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Psychic Warrior – 91

Lieutenant McGrane, the subject of a “remote viewing” experiment had “flashbacks” and killed himself by escaping the room and jumping off a balcony. Admiral Harrison Spencer, the director of the “Star Gazer” research program for the navy was then blamed for the death by Admiral Linsenmeyer, director of naval intelligence, who was trying to make the “embarrassing program” go-away. McGrane had lied in order to join the experiment and Spencer had initiated his “viewing” experience before the mandatory drug screen had returned. McGrane was using the psychotropic drugs “Sertraline and Fluoxetrine” for “manic-depression and anxiety.”
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Front and Center – 90

JAG officer Harm (H) received his second distinguished flying cross in a conference room ceremony and Chegwidden (C) had Mac (M) do the “honors” and kiss him, to Brumby’s (Brum) annoyance. Harm and Bud (B) were assigned to prosecute Marine private William Clawson who attempted to rape a city councilman’s daughter at knife point until Cpl Keely Woods had prevented it. Woods was stabbed in the fight. Colonel Hegsterrer advised that Woods was “uncomfortable with the limelight” and even refused to attend ceremonies to receive the Navy Marine Corps medal. After H and B talked to him, Woods went UA then they had to track him down. They found that the information he gave on his enlistment papers was false. When Mattoni, defense counsel, realized that they had no witness he offered to “settle for 6 months confinement.” Clawson flippantly said “I was just messing with her,” and H told him he was the “luckiest sailor in the navy” and to not be the “stupidest.”
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The Return – 89

[Harm is back at JAG, but has lost the “fight for his client with the same tenacity he had as a naval aviator” as promised in the intro. The episode is about an emotionally abused child coping with continued abuse as an adult officer. And how easily, and insidiously, military justice can be perverted]

Harm (H) returned to JAG he said it felt like he “had left yesterday and been gone 100 years.” People didn’t know him and he missed most of the office “inside” joking around. Chegwidden (C) feigned being offended when H expected to do “scut work” like Mac (M) was forced to do after she had left then returned. “Do you think I would be so petty?” he asked as he assigned him a “good case” with a smirk- the SECNAVs son. Brumby (Brum) was in Hs old office and began baiting and pressing fights with H from the beginning.
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True Callings – 88

[Episode based on the Mar 10th, 1967 incident where USAF Capt Robert Pardo used his F4 Phantom to push a fellow aviator from North Vietnam into friendly territory.]

Gunny Victor Galindez (G) arrived at JAG with everyone but Tiner (Ti) and Bud’s (B) blessings. Chegwidden (C) said he was having trouble obtaining two Limp Bizket tickets for a charity auction and G said he might be able to obtain them. Both B and Ti decided to “one-up” G and get the tickets themselves. Chegwidden enjoyed the competition. Tiner and B bid against each other on EBay until B won at $200. Bud kept telling G that he couldn’t sit at different desks around JAG until G said that he’d sit on the floor thereby shaming him into letting him sit at Harriet’s (Ht) empty desk. Mac (M) told B that “Tiner was a child but you’re not.” Gunny obtained the tickets “comp” from a roady friend – B got the donation receipt. Mac seemed very subdued; especially when C didn’t acknowledge her efforts getting G to come to JAG.
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Rules of Engagement – 87

[Continued from previous JAG episode]

The SECNAV (yet again) slammed on the JAG, Chegwidden (C), demanding the rushed prosecution of Lt Andy Buxton to appease the Russian sensibility over the death of their peacekeepers. He was even more incensed to learn that Harm (H) was on the ship. Mac (M) and Bud (B) were assigned to investigate and, after their welcoming hug, H was surprised to see that M had been promoted. He snapped to attention and became very military. He said he was not with JAG anymore so wouldn’t help her investigation. Buxton complained to H that it “just felt right” to attack the vehicles driving down the road toward some civilians. He said they were just in the wrong place when I was in the right place. The SECNAV forced a charge of manslaughter and Buxton claimed he had spoken with H as a lawyer so he couldn’t be a witness. Chegwidden also sent Brumby (Brum) to “second” Hs defense.
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King of the Greenie Board – 86

[DJEs contract renewed and he is now on a carrier flying F14s as “Pappy”]

Harm (H) is on the carrier Patrick Henry flying F14s with Skates as his RIO. He suffered a bird strike and was streaming fuel so needed an emergency refueling. Lt. Andrew Buxton, (known as X-man) although almost empty himself, broke off from the tanker so H could refuel and said he “had plenty” despite suggestion that they both wait for the next tanker. Harm did a single engine, hard, landing on the 3 wire and Buxton hooked the 1 wire after an engine flame out. Harm had 6 straight “green” landings and was catching Buxton on the “greenie board” a running summary of their landings. Buxton reveled that he was the “king” of the “greenie board” and referred to himself in the 3rd person as “the X-man.” Captain Pike, the CAG, chewed Buxton out for not waiting for more fuel. A real fleet JAG “weenie,” Lt. Aldridge, briefed the pilots on the rules of engagement in real “gobbledegook” language such that Buxton asked “and if we have to scratch our 6 do we have to phone the president?” After Aldridge left, the CAG told them that “if a MIG is on your 6 and locks you WILL see a missile come off its rails.”
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