Adrift (Part I) – 134

[A major “relationship” episode used as a cliffhanger for the JAG TV series.]

Mac (M) and Brumby (Brum) have their wedding rehearsal and dinner this week and she was upset to find out that Harm (H) had his six-month flight qualifications on the Patrick Henry and would miss the dinner, even though he said he’d be back for the wedding. He said that he “didn’t consider missing it a risk,” and she retorted “no, you didn’t consider it important.” He told her that the quals had been scheduled long before they set the date and, frankly, “if you need me at your wedding to make it work maybe you should reconsider who you are marrying.” Skates (Sk) was his RIO and Captain Ingles had “sort of” forgiven him for interrogating him so roughly on the stand. Commander Stacy Loftness, airlant LSO, however was rude, abusive and claimed H must have “pulled favors” to get back in the air and he “didn’t need a Washington Weenie wasting my time.” Skates defended H. During Hs first landing the auto-throttle went bad so he had to fly it manually. He set up a little high and was correcting when paddles called that the 3 wire was fouled and to abort. Harm powered but just barely touched and Loftness, looking for an excuse, told him he was taking him out of the air. Loftness ragged on H who said that he had prevented an in-flight engagement. When Loftness harangued that H had been too slow to respond, H told him “I’m not about to be talked into a rookie mistake and dump the nose.” He finally allowed him to go back up and H was “in the spaghetti” for all of his next traps, including at night.
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Mutiny – 133

[A significant episode despite being nearly a complete Role-playing show using the JAG characters (based on true 1842 executions aboard a naval vessel which led to the founding of Annapolis).]

Despite being in the middle of preparing for her wedding to Brumby, Mac (M) was assigned to give a JAG talk at the Naval Academy about its beginnings . She researched the case of the USS Somers where the tyrannical actions of the captain had eventually led to the establishment of a “much more sophisticated method of training officers.” During her preparations, M had “flashes” of the events, as she said “in a very personal nature.” In her flashbacks, Brumby played the captain Alexander Slidell MacKenzie who had believed that Philip Spencer, the son of the Secretary of War (SECNAV), was plotting a mutiny. Then, through his paranoia, he hung Spencer and two of his “accomplices.”
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Lifeline – 131

[An important JAG series episode]

Throughout the engagement party given by the JAG, Chegwidden (C), for Mac (M) and Brumby (Brum), Harm (H) and M end up on the front porch reminiscing about their relationship and trying to understand here-to-fore unasked questions. Brum was shown warning Renee not to interrupt H and Ms “talks” by saying “we will have them for a long time. Let them say their good bye’s.” Frustratingly, not all the questions were answered as both H and M were shown still not fully wanting to be open with each other. Flashbacks (which seemed to be more than just lazy writers tricks) were used to show:
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Past Tense – 132

Jordan Parker, back from overseas for four months, called Harm (H) and left a message. Renee returned the call on speakerphone which was answered by NCIS agent Kenworthy. Jordi had been shot and killed by an unknown assailant and Kenworthy put H as the lead suspect A disgustingly cheap writers trick beginning to be used all too often on the JAG series).
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To Walk on Wings – 130

An OSPREY aricraft was hit by an ocean swell during a “ride-along” conducted for representatives Latham (L) and Fetzer. Latham tried to kill the Osprey during her hearings. She blamed the mishap on the Osprey which was “so faulty that the pilot couldn’t handle it” and continually played to the press. Then she claimed there had been a cover-up because “the pilot over-flew the data recorder” and there was no record of the incident. JAG officer Mac (M) was asked to assist Fetzer on the committee and “blew away” Leatham’s hired henchman, William Markey, a civilian weapons analyst.
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Salvation – 129

Sgt Maj Krohn had been in prison for beating his wife unconscious with a brick. JAG’s Harmon Rabb (H) had defended him and tried to convince the jury that Krohn’s testimony was true when he said that he had seen “the Padre” in a vision leading him to his injured wife and enabling her rescue. But, him being there had created circumstantial evidence against him.
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Liberty – 128

[An interesting episode which co-starred the REAL navy JAG as a walk-on.]

On liberty in Matzatlan from the Wake Island Mikey (Mk) bought Colina Ojeda (prostitute) a drink. She asked to dance and her “boyfriend” Efran Minas came in and began hitting her. Mikey was pulled into a fight when he tried to defend Colina. The shore patrol was called and when Minas died Mikey was charged. Lt Ferrari (JAG in San Diego) offered a plea bargain of three yrs for negligent homicide before Mikey was even assigned an attorney. Harm (H) asked for the assignment after Chegwidden (C) denied Bs request. Chegwidden relented to H that B take 2nd chair but said “keep him out of trouble.”
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Valor – 127

Sgt. Joan Steel was captured by terrorists and held in Iraq for a month. She was then “captured” by the US when she was discovered on a boat of explosives heading for the USS Vance; but, was stopped due to enhance security procedures and the terrorists aboard were killed in a gunfight. Harm (H) and Mac (M) performed a JAG-man investigation to see if she had actually been recruited by the terrorists. She had filed MECEP (officer) papers but was turned down by her CO based upon uncertainty about her judgement – basically claiming that he “didn’t know her leadership well enough.”
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Retreat Hell – 126

Pvt Rafael Jesus Rivera, wounded in battle of Chosin reservoir in WWII, was found nearly 50 years later UA when he applied for benefits. He was being held in Crease Madden’s jail, who was a redneck, corrupt New Mexico sheriff. Mac (M) was assigned to investigate and Gunny (G) went to pick him up personally, out of respect and fidelity with a true marine hero. The sheriff ordered his two thugs to kill Rivera and prevent him from getting across the border. They blocked the highway and blinded G with lights which ran him off the road. Then they poured gasoline onto the car and set it on fire so they could shoot them when exiting.
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Iron Coffin – 125

[A very unusual and skillfully written JAG episode with a totally unexpected twist.]

Russian investigator Capt Alex Volkonov (AV) came to the US and requested JAG assistance (basically Harm) in investigating the demise of the Russian sub Vladivostok, ostensibly believing that the US had rammed and sunk it. At first Capt Baxter stonewalled Harm (H) then Chegwidden (C) called in a favor of Adm. Crawford at SUBLANT then Cmdr Flagler spoke with H and the angry AV. Baxter questioned H’s loyalties so C and H spoke with him. Baxter finally admitted that he knew that one of the Vladivostok’s experimental Russian Shkval 2 torpedo which they had been testing had done a 180 and sunk their own ship. But he said, “How we know is security classified!”
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Killer Instinct – 124

Seaman Oliver Celluchi was seen to go overboard the USS Benjamin Harrison; but, was dead when the rescue boat arrived. He was found to have been bludgeoned and choked before going over the side, and a small piece of cloth was found in his belt buckle. His shipmates said that he had been a screw-up and a ‘puddin’ – meanind that you could push him around with a spoon. JAG officers Harm (H) and Bud (B) had to endure ‘full-of-himself’ Captain Archambault’s rant about “doing better than their best and get the killer off MY ship.” They then reported to him Duell’s animosity and that he had been seen on the catwalk before the incident; but, had to refuse the captain’s offer to attend their interview “so as to put the fear of God into him.” Duell denied ever going to the catwalk or having anything to do with the incident. Meanwhile, the Capt. illegally searched Duell’s locker and found a torn shirt. Mattoni, defense, motioned to have the shirt excluded and the Capt. pestered H to tell him “what to say” on the stand so the shirt wouldn’t be excluded. Harm, annoyed, told him to tell the truth. Then the Captain lied anyway to deliberately misled Mattoni by saying that H had told him of Duell’s lie before he searched. So, Mattoni called H as a witness and made public Archambault’s lie. Bud’s cross-examination of H tried to show “inevitable discovery” but the judge disallowed the evidence although wouldn’t dismiss the case.
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Miracles – 122

[A marginally written script for the JAG series which didn’t establish credible rationale for the guilty verdict.]

JAG officer Harmon Rabb (H) defended Sgt Major Jarvis Krohn who was found next to his beaten, unconscious wife after claiming to have been led there by a vision of beatified Chaplain Wiggins, “Padre,” now being considered for sainthood. Krohn described that the “padre” had selflessly ran into enemy fire attempting to save some of his platoon but was cut down. Bud (B) prosecuted flippantly and childishly and derisively stated: “God thinks Krohn’s wife was worth saving but our daughter not?”
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Collision Course – 123

During war games involving Greece and the US, Capt James Merrick came out of a fog bank and closed in on the Greek Gelibolu to shoot, just as it turned into them. Not able to avoid collision, they rammed leaving seven dead and two missing. Harm (H) and Mac’s (M) JAG investigation found that culpability rested more with the Greeks who were feuding with the Turks. However, the SECNAV, yet again acting like an ass, circumvented their opinion and demanded that Merrick be prosecuted. He lied to them by claiming that the other countries were also charging their captains, and then demanded that Chegwidden (C) prosecute personally because he didn’t trust H and M to win. Chegwidden appointed H and M to defend and called the ships XO to testify against Merrick. Merrick seemed to be determined to fall on his own sword. In actuality, a third ship, Turkish, were making claims that the Greek ship was in their waters (an uninhabited rock). The Turk and Creek captains had a long standing animosity and an 8 minute “pissing” contest ensued before the Turks tried to ram the Greek ship causing them to then turn into the US ship. Harm and M impeached the Greek and Turk captains for their own dereliction on the stand. However, Merrick wouldn’t let H also impeach his XO claiming that “it would ruin his career.” Instead, he told H to go to C and “get a plea.”
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