Answered Prayers – 145

[A truly amazingly written show! Coats and her worthless preacher father were introduced in this episode.]

Because of Christmas leave’s, the judge ordered JAG attorney, Harmon Rabb (H) to take care of Coates (Co) who was awaiting trial. He was talked out of putting her into jail and tried to leave her with her father. When he saw how demeaning and hateful her father was, he convinced Mac (M) to take her in overnight. Singer (S) prosecuted the case. Coates ended up with H at a pre-sermon party given by the Robert’s and was accused of stealing S’s new jeweled bracelet. She ran from the party and H had to track her down and bring her back only to find that S’s bracelet had been taken by “little AJ.” Singer was eventually stood up by a wealthy “boyfriend” who bought her the jeweled bracelet instead.
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Dog Robber (Part II) – 144

[Continued JAG episode from part 1]

Lt. Barrett was taken into custody after blowing up the surveillance plane and asked Harm (H), who was assigned TAD from JAG, to defend him. Adm Boone (the CAG) told H that “by all rights we should be giving him a medal.” Chegwidden (C) then did officially assign H the defense and H turned down Singers (S) offer to assist, in favor of asking Bud (B). She then offered to help Turner (T) who was prosecuting. While T was helping H restore his Vet – H had to remind him that “according to you, I’ve NEVER had a winnable case.” Barrett had been selected for the Naval Academy as a third generation Navy man. Boone told H that he was upset of the inequities that “would give the person giving their secret plane to the Chinese a medal; while it court-martialed the person who prevented it!” He told H of a time in Vietnam when they were ordered NOT to hit the lighthouse in Hanoi Harbor (because of it’s necessity to shipping) even though it was a site of an enemy artillery unit. When 3 US air crews had been lost, Boone said that he sent his wingman on ahead and he turned back and pumped 2,000 rounds of ammunition directly into the flack site. Boone asked if H “would have brought him up on charges.” Harm merely responded that it actually had been his own Dad that had done the deed not Boone, as he had heard the story in his father’s letter-tapes. Harm also told him that his dad had said Boone “could never hide what you were thinking or feeling… so I’d clean you out in poker.” Boone asked “have you always been this obnoxious?” H said, “yes, you just never noticed.” “The larger truth is on your side,” Boone said. “Yes,” said H, “we just have to get past the facts.”
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Dog Robber (Part I) – 143

[First of a two part JAG series]

An EP3 recon plane identified a Chinese cruiser carrying nuclear material while they were doing surveillance over the sea of Taiwan. The Chineese MIG pilot began the usual harassment and rammed the EP3 with his plane damaging it to the point that it was forced to seek humanitarian landing at Fuzhou airbase. It was announced that Lt. Kwan Li was killed in the collision. Chinese General Shin-wa Chen demanded that he would only negotiate with retired Adm Tom Boone, who he knew personally. The SACNAV, who had tried and failed to court-martial Boone, then had to swallow his pride and order JAG attorney Harmon Rabb (H) to go talk to Boone and request that he come back into service in the SECNAVs office with a 2 star rank. [“Dog Robber”: Military term for an aide who can get things done, usually “off the record and under the radar”] Harm and Boone flew to the USS Thomas Jefferson where Capt Hubbard would let them take a COD into China. They were escorted to the border by Lt’s Carl Barrett and Crawford. Harm had to interview the downed crew surreptitiously to avoid any eavesdropping.
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Jagathon – 141

[Superbly written, complicated expose’ of the JAG “relationships” using flashbacks between the actual race, and the days leading up to it, throughout the whole episode]

Turner (T) wouldn’t enter the Jag-a-thon which Harriet (Ht) produced, because he was a champion runner and felt the “highest rank” reward should go to “someone here longer.” He finally asked Chegwidden’s (C) counsel saying that he didn’t think that he was “fitting in” at JAG. Chegwidden told him that it was because he “didn’t know what everyone else already knew; namely, that he was already part of the family.” Singer (S) took bets on the race which upset Ht. She told S to “stop kicking everyone on your way to top, and we all would have fewer bruises and you would be less alone.” Finally, running all alone in the race, S cried.
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Ambush – 140

Because of JAG attorney Harm’s (H) “run of bad luck” in the courtroom, Chegwidden (C) assigned him the Capt “FRUTT” case in Quantico. Mac (M) was assigned the investigation of Capt William Shepard who had led his men into an ambush in Sierra Leone, which killed six. Harm became very anxious about the assignments and said that he “wasn’t without influence on the hill” which was needed in the Shepard case. Chegwidden reluctantly agreed and swapped their assignments. To help with Hs run of bad luck Tiner (Ti) gave H a velcro’d statue of Saint Ivo of Kermartin, the patron saint of lawyers, to put on his cars dashboard. Harriet (Ht) gave H a copy of “7 Secrets of Highly Successful Lawyers” by Don McGill [the writer of this episode] and Bud (B) let slip that she had also given a copy to him after he had lost his first case.
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Redemption – 142

Harm (H) was assigned TAD from JAG to an air squad with his old buddy Cmdr Scott Webster and ended up defending him on fraternization charges trumped up by Lt Mantei a pilot who Webster passed over for assignment to the Joint Strike Fighter project. During his defense H looked at Webster’s computer and found an email from Ciecle Tech, negotiating payment for stealth paint. He couldn’t do anything about what he thought was espionage because it was privileged Lawyer-Client information. Webster’s son, Bill, who had been estranged from him, all of a sudden turned positive and testified for his father.
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Mixed Messages – 139

[A superb, JAG story-driven episode]

Mac (M) was back at JAG and received a meritorious service medal. She contacted police Capt. Jarot who helped find the girl Lylyana who was now in a hospital with a concussion. Jarot questioned M about the engagement ring which she had given up to him ‐ “you didn’t love him?” “Someone else you care about but aren’t with?” “Is he a fool?” Mac gave Lylyana the medal she had received.
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Guilt – 138

[A very “contrived” plot with blatantly unrealistic actions and outcomes.]

Mac (M) and Gunny (G) are still TAD onboard ship from JAG. She was sent to secure the release, from civilian authority, of Cpl Lassiter who had been arrested for rape in Aceh Province. The corrupt police chief, Jarot, shook M down for a bribe and the only thing of value that she had was Brumby’s (Brum) engagement ring. An angry mob besieged the US consulate setting off an explosion and they were eventually ordered to evacuate. While they were undertaking procedures for burning records, one of the mob dropped a grenade killing Gunny Sgt Simpkins and blinding his second in command. The ambassador, Raymon Dart, wanted to give Cpl lassiter (who actually turned out to be guilty) to the mob as a “diplomatic solution.” Mac was senior officer.
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The Measure of Men – 137

JAG attorney Mac (M) is still with Gunny (G) on the Guadalcanal in her self imposed exile. Capt Huddleston disliked marine Major Lasley, who he considered “an arrogant SOB who is incapable of admitting that he is wrong,” and ordered M to investigate when a man was killed during a severe-storm training exercise that Lasley refused to cancel. Mac suggested an article 32 hearing but Huddleston demanded an unusual special court-martial so he wouldn’t have to give up control and therefore possibly be able to control the verdict and force Lasley off his ship. Neither M nor G liked Lasley’s pattern of avoiding responsibility.
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New Gun in Town – 136

[A very good episode despite Harm and Mac’s “parallel play” and somewhat “forced” plot lines.]

People were barraging Mac (M) about resetting her wedding plans with Brumby (Brum). Even Chloe hung up on M saying “Harm happened.” Mac begged Chegwidden (C) for TAD assignment on the USS Guadalcanal to replace Maj Miles Holmes who had “gone overboard.” Chegwidden made her take Gunny (G) with her. Using computer files they found that Miles had communicated with USO worker Susan Evans as much as he had with his own wife, and that Evans had met the ship at all of her last ports. They discovered that Miles had faked his own “man overboard,” then hid out in a ships void until he could sneak aboard a landing craft the next day to Jakarta. They intercepted Miles and Evans both at a hotel on the island. Oddly Miles advised M that maybe “someday she could work without a net” and love again
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Adrift (Part II) – 135

[The JAG season opener and conclusion to last seasons cliff hanger. Apparently DJEs contract was renewed]

Mac (M), Brumby (Brum), Chegwidden (C), Bud (B), Hariett (Ht), Chloe and Singer (S) all left Mac’s pre-wedding dinner and went back to JAG headquarters to monitor the rescue attempts for Harm. Mac withdrew and wanted to be alone, excluding Brum who became increasingly hurt. Renee also felt like the “odd man out.” She said she was going to call Hs mother but B stopped her. Mac postponed their wedding for that day and Brum reluctantly concurred. Chloe talked with M and chided her for not trying to find H “like you did me.” Together, M had a vision of Hs raft, without H in it. She went out and put her finger on a map saying “look here.” Chegwidden was able to convince captain Ingle to search at Ms envisioned coordinates. The Viking did find the empty raft and dropped SAR buoys. Chegwidden saw Brum frustrated and told him “she’s dealing with it in her own way.” “That’s the problem,” he said.
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