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Many, if not most of the JAG related sites which are found on the internet, have been abandoned after only a few years of the series and are therefore mostly historical. A few are maintained up-to-date with episode listings but contain only short cryptic "TV guide" type synopses. The sites I find most worthwhile are given below. [Links were checked valid on: 1 Oct 2011]

REAL Official JAG Sites:


The official site of the US navy Judge Advocate General

JAG marine division

Staff Judge Advocate to the commandant of the Marine Corps

US Air Force JAG

US Air Force JAG

Canadian JAG

The official site of the Canadian JAG

US Military Enlisted Insignia

US Military Enlisted Insignia

Australian DOD Military Medals

Military medal pages from the Australian Department of Defense web pages.

US Navy photos

Great military photos

Official JAG Sites:

USA Network JAG

JAG series syndication on USA channel. They are now pretty much the “keeper” of the franchise.


The JAG series aired on CBS before they abandoned it in its prime. This web page pretty much has NOTHING on it but is left up for “completeness sake.”

JAG fan sites

For DJE fans

A David James Eliott fan site which is still very active. Currently updating their screenshots of each episode.

Catherine Bell – Mac

Site limited to Catherine Bell – Mac. Quite well done.

JAG TV Sites:

IMDb reference site

1995 only – free portion of pay site

The JAG archive

Fairly up to date

Sandcastle VI

JAG episode listings

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