JAG Movies

Finding his father name
Pitchta tells Rabb’s story part 1
Win (1.5M)
Rabb’s story part 2
Win (1M)
“Goodbye dad, I love you”
part 3
Win (1.7M)
Looping in a learjet Shooting gun in court
Rabb Sr. ejecting over Vietnam
Win (287K)
Looping in a Lear in Cuba
Win (389K)
Shooting gun in court
Win (264K)
Harm the rednosed Tomcat
Win (608K)
Dodging Fuente's missle Toasting Chegwidden Mac vouching for Harm as a parent
Dodging Fuentes’ missle
Win (76K)
Chegwiddens retirement toast
Win (553K)
Josh disobeyed
Win (256K)
Mac “vouching” for Harm
Win (736K)
You were thinking of Diane I'm in love with him Hoorah! Go Navy
You were thinking of Diane
Win (1225K)
I’m in love with him
Win (69K)
Win (84K)
“Go Navy”
Win (358K)

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