As the JAG Episode Summary web site grew, photographs were added from TV screenshots and grew into such numbers as needed to be place in separate categories of actors and circumstances. An added benefit of this was found when the scrapbooks began telling the various stories in visual form. By now the photographs have grown in numbers to the point that even the categories need sub-categories.

The following are the various scrapbooks for the JAG TV series.

  • Harmon Rabb (Jr.) – Memories of Harm’s quest to find his family, military career and difficult “courtship” with Mac.
  • Sara MacKenzie (Mac) – Memories of Mac’s military career, friends and difficult “courtship” with Harm.
  • Bud Roberts – The wedding album of Bud and Harriet, as well as their careers and difficult families.
  • JAG Families – The photographs and memories of all the JAG Families.
  • JAG Friends – Photographs of the many significant friends of the JAG cast as well as their Fiance’s.
  • JAG Kids – The children of JAG consist not only of the main characters ‘childhood’ but many substantial characters as well. There were even a couple of children ‘bad guys.’
  • JAG Bad Guys – At least one for every episode, after ten years there are more than a few: Really bad guys, Terribly bad guys and Terrorists.

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