Really Bad Guys

As you can see, the ten-year run of the JAG television series has produced a substantial number of “bad guys.” “Really Bad Guys” was a good enough label at first but eventually it was clear that some were more vicious and evil than others – and some you just couldn’t get rid of. For example some were supposedly good characters but had the habit of continually trying to thwart Harm and Mac’s plans – the SECNAV comes to mind.

Then there are the Terribly Bad Guys who are more than just an annoyance or a schemer and will or have killed someone (or hired someone to do it). Does Clark Palmer or Harry Drax ring a bell?

And, lastly, there are the terrorists who make a habit of killing people – like Sadik Fahd and Teresa Marcello.

Shashawnee Hall as CIA Agent Novack

On the “bad guy” list as a character of “situational ethics” who acted as damaging or obstructionistic to Harm and others. Tried to railroad Harm for death of Russian Mafia member.

Joe Lando as Christopher Ragle

Mac’s estranged husband who attempted to kill John Farrell and forced Mac to kill him. Was in prison and when he got out, tried to extort money from Mac to pay back a "loan shark."

Tina Lifford as Juanita Ressler

Law professor of Mac’s who mentally “terrorized” her during her classes. Told her she would make a better lap dancer and later tried to convince Mac that she “only did it to make her strong.”

Raymond O’Keefe as Representative G Martin

Crooked, grandstanding Congressman on panel for hearing about reported use of Sarin Nerve gas by US military. In ZNN reporter Normal Delaporte’s pocket for press coverage.

Dee Wallace-Stone as Congresswoman Adele DeLong

Arrogant, abrasive, deceitful, egotistical, harmfully rude Congresswoman with “women in the military” agendas. Her interference in the carrier qualification process got a whining excuse ridden inadequate pilot killed.

William R. Moses as Agent Paul Candella

A mole for the defunct DSD inside the CIA. He was “forensically” killed by Clark Palmer while trying to help Palmer find Clayton Webb and a secret semiconductor.

Barry Jenner as Norman Delaportte

A corrumpt journalist who purchased a bootleg copy of a military action tape, found and fabricated witnesses and testimony to sensationalize a story which, unfortunately coincided with congresswoman Leatham’s agenda who held congressional hearings. Harm proved he was corrupt and Leatham switched horses midstream in time to “nail him.”

Paul Collins as SECNAV Alexander Nelson

Angry, demanding, antagonistic SECNAV who voiced his displeasure with nearly everything and everyone JAG; and when he didn’t get his own way said he would “blackball” admiral Chegwidden. But a plot of his own making backfired and he was ousted by the person who was his replacement.

Rex Linn as Mark Falcon/Sokol

A Russian KGB agent who is enamored with Mac and is a good, bad guy or a bad good guy. He decieved and stole a diary of prisoner names from Harm but has aided (sort of) in other missions involving Harm. He was instrumental in reuniting Harm with his unknown brother and “step mother” but only as an attempt at manipulation to further his own goals.

Mark Lindsay Chapman as RUC Inspector Vincent Hutchinson

Rogue inspector in the Royal Ulster Constabulary who kidnapped Jimmy the son of Admiral Nevins’ (SINC-PAC) daughter Lt Linda Nevins in order to draw out the father Lorcan Barnes of the IRA. He then attempted to kill the baby (and Harm & Mac) when they rescued him.

Jashua Harto as P.O. 2nd Class Ferro

Ferro was tormented regularly by P.O. 2nd Class Donny Sanhuinius, a larger-meaner sailor whom he caught shoplifting a power bar. Ferro spiked a power bar with toxin from a poison puffer-fish and killed Sanhuinius.

Lindsey Lee Ginter as Capt MacNamara

Arrogant Capt of the USS Cayuga who plays “bumper cars” with his ship against Russian Capt Grinkov. Ordered Mac off his bridge for pointing out his errors in judgement. Fired missle at terribly outclassed russian ship during war games with Harm and Bud on board.

Chick Vennera as Benny Turpin

Loan shark who loaned Chris Ragle $15,000 and threatened to break some bones if he didn’t pay him back. Trying to collect he witnessed Ragle’s accidental death and testified (under coercion) for the defense.

Marty Rackham as FBI Special Agent Al Grenin

Evil FBI agent who tried to railroad Harm for death of Russian mafia member; then, obsessed with trying to capture Warren Toobin, (a fugitive separatist militia member who bombed a federal building) he manipulated a SEAL team into the area as bait and shot Toobin’s brother Brian. Is “facing charges.”

Sean Masterson as George Decker

A CIA assistant section chief in Italy who told the terrorists holding Tim Fawkes that Chegwidden and Webb had them under satellite surveillance in order to protect his “turf.” Eventually he was coerced unwillingly to aid in the rescue of Chegwidden’s friend and Webb’s mentor.

Michael Storm as Admiral Hercules Elgin

Barged into Chegwiddens office demanding to talk then proceeded to bitch at him for not calling off his JAGMAN investigation of the Bradenhurst corporation & threatened him with “his bars.” Chegwidden responded he never knew a SEAL to shun a “Bar Fight.”

Larry Poindexter as Dalton Lowne

A civilian attorney with Lowell, Harrison & Lowne who was obsessively in love with Mac & recruited her away from JAG. He was dishonest, used Mac and when Mac dumped him began stalking her. He was killed by a real stalker of Mac.

Nancy Chambers as Lauren Singer

Agressive, underhanded, dishonest JAG lawyer who antagonized & alienated other staff. Set up Mac for ethics charge, slept with Sergi (Harm’s brother) & Ted Lindsey who shot and killed her after she attempted to blackmail him.

Gary Graham as Capt Gary Hochausen

Harms flight instructor, “mentor” and long time friend who caused his wingman to eject after striking a power pole making the plane hit a civilian car and explode. Although he and his wingman lied Harm found that he had falsified his vision tests by tripping him up with an altered test chart.

Jack Shearer as George Tennyson

Representative of Widmark, makers of a faulty shoulder fired anti tank weapon, who was willing to let Cpl Winrow take the blame and be court-martialed for the weapon missing it’s target and setting fire to a forest. Their new employee Gunny Galindez surreptitiously found test results exonerating Winrow.

Lochlyn Munro as Lt. Andy “X-Man” Buxton

A “full-of-himself” pilot in Harm’s squadron who was jealous of Harm and “confused reality with his score on the Greenie Board” (the carrier landing quality scoreboard.) He tried to court-martial his plane captain then blew up a vehicle carrying Russian peacekeepers. Harm and Brumby defended him at his trial; got him acquitted; but was permanently relieved of flight status.

Olivia Burnette as Marie Wetzl

A druggie mother of 1 year old Sean Wetzl who slammered her marine tank driver husband Daryl Wetzl for sole custody due to “no drug evidence” on her. Frustrated, Wetzl took child and stole a tank until Harm stood him down and got evidence so “Grandma Bea” got custody.

James Pickens, Jr. as Cdr Wallace Burke

Arrogant Commander who used his ship USS Ellyson as a “meat market” for his tyrrany picking one Jr officer each
cruise to berate, belittle and malign. Harm tripped him into admitting he “intentionally provoked” SECNAV Nelson’s estranged son Brian into “disobeying his order in order to punish him later.” Nelson left service rather than give the demanded apology.

John Diehl as Jack Raglan

Former SEAL hired to test the security of military bases and decided to take his activities “higher profile” by also
capturing the base commanders wife. He stole a submarine, threatened to blow up the Statue of Liberty, held Bud hostage then was captured by Harm anticipating his moves.

John Ashton as Brian Turque

A NCIS agent (pronounced Tur-kay not key) who, being full of himself, saw Harm as a rival and was more interested in getting rid of harm than solving cases. He botched Harm’s girlfriend’s murder investigation (Lt Diane Schonke) but gave her letters to him so as to “part like men.”

Steve Eastin as Master Chief Sullivan

He offered troubled female sailors help with their difficulties in exchange for sex. When they complained to Capt Ross they were offered transfer off the ship to a substantial promotion in exchange for their silence because Sullivan was blackmailing Ross as well.

Bill Bolender as Captain Ross

Skipper of USS Seahawk who was being blackmailed by Mstr Chief Sullivan over an indescretion in his overnight room. He covered up for Sullivans sexual harassment of female sailors and retired one year before his 30 years when he had been selected for admiral.

Gary Graham as Capt Tobias Ingles

Capt of Patrick Henry destined for admiral who courtmartialed Elizabeth “skates” Hawkes and then took offense that Harm wanted ships records. He arrogantly threw Harm and Bud off “his ship” & filed complaint against Harm for “insolence and disdain for authority” (the wrong thing to do!)

Scott Valentine as Baxter Stark

“A hypocrite, opportunist and bottom feeder” who tried Gunny for gay bashing in order to bolster his campaign for state’s attorney.

Christopher Cousins as Chief Sturtevant

The chief master at arms on USS Suribache who was “on the take” and murdered a drug dealer who could trace back to him and framed PO De Mara a hot headed user. He excaped a flooding compartment claiming Harm and De Mara were dead in order to kill them too.

William Katt as Cdr. James Merrick

Carelessly got his ship too close to a turkish ship during a war game and rammed it when it turned due to “macho contest” with a Greek ship. Later became CEO of Battlefield Solutions & “accidentally” targeted leader who was financial threat to his parent companies’ stock prices.

Gavin MacLeod as Raymond Harrick

Crooked attorney who set unsuspecting people up for whiplash suits by having insurance worker not send renewal notice, then using actor to cause and fake an injury to extort “settlement.” When he did it to Harm, Bud was able to reveal his past activities and turn the tables on him.

Steve Monroe as Lt Jeremy Duncan

Dishonest computer technician sailor who sabotaged the audio program he was working on, slandered his commanding officers, and went public in order to be discharged and accept a civilian job with a video game competitor.

Alan Blumenfeld as Josh Flanzer

Abusive, hot-headed, anti-military (asshole) teacher who picked a fight with Mikey and Bud for being in navy uniforms in a shoe store. When he got in Mikey’s face with a shoe Bud slugged him. He claimed “unprovoked” assault but Bud was exonerated.

Leon Russom as Army General Anthony Manzarek

Marine General who scripted a war game designed to provoke a nemesis, General Lucas West, into “interpreting” the rules in a way which would allow him to be court-martialled. Harm “reamed” him on the stand and made public his arrogant deceit.

Stephen Markle as Dwight Kanin

A arrogant but cowardly senior DOD advisor who considered the war “like a video game” and a great “photo op.” He demanded to be taken “where the action was” then through cowardice got himself killed when his “ride along” was ambushed.

Ted King as Lt Cdr Bob Holtsford

A dishonest repair oversite officer assigned as liason with Furhltec the contractor who re-furbished jet aircraft. His dishonest part swapping got two pilots killed. Tried to extort money from Furhltec. Got immunity from Leatham but lied so Harm was able, finally, to court-martial him.

David Hayward as Test Pilot Jack Wilson

A test pilot for Furhltec who refurbished jet aircraft. He “gundecked” his tests because the company unethically
closed the airstrip to soon to do the job correctly and he “just wanted to fly.” Tricked by Harm during a test flight into admitting the company’s culpability he finally agreed to testify.

Peter Onorati as Brett Orman

A private contractor at Guantanimo prison camp who got MPs and others to do his “dirty work” in terrorizing and torturing detainees.

Julius Carry as Army Major General Paul Spinoza

Arrogant, self-centered, rude & condescending Army General who demanded a court-martial of his men to “publicize” his views on alowing abusive treatment of detainees at Guantanimo. The men were exonerated. When he provoked Mac she revealed that she thought the “wrong person was on trial.” He said that her opinion “wasn’t worth anything” unless she was under his command.

Laurence Lau as Dr Lawrence Gettis

Military OB/GYN short timer who was Harriets doctor for pregnancy with Sarah. She went into premature labor at 36 weeks getstation but when prolapsed chord noticed by nurse Gettis was taking a ride in his new Porsche. Brumby lost his job for refusing to take his case.

Scott Williamson as Attorney Larry Kaliski

Sr partner at Brumby’s US lawfirm. Arrogant, marginally ethical and takes cases against Harm, Bud & Mac. Forced Brumby to resign when he wouldn’t defend Gettis against Bud’s dereliction of duty charge.

Stan Kirsch as Lt. Ferrari

A maliciously arrogant JAG officer who won a voluntary manslaughter charge against Mikey. Maligned Mike, then Big Bud and Bud for the fraud charge against Harm’s “weak” defense. The conviction was proven false.

Beau Billingslea as Colonel Klesko

A marine Colonel who habitually sends subordinates into missions with instructions to go beyond the rules of engagement then lies about it when they get caught.

Jay Acovone as Col Harry Presser

A marine major who creates a hostile environment to women by demanding that they meet the same physical requirements as men. He tried his arrogance on Mac who backed him down then recommended disciplinary action.

Kris Murphy as Sheilah Grantham

Dishonest vindictive marine captain who couldn’t meet the physical fitness standards imposed by her CO so she released a copy of her own videotaped PFT to cause embarassment. Mac found out and recommended conduct unbecomming charges.

as Afgan Jack

A “deserter” who formed his own “army” of locals. After being assisted by Harm he offered Harm a position in his organization.

as Maravalis

A tech in the Naval Research Lab who stole some of the synthetic diamonds he was making to sell on the black market. He sold to rogue CIA agent Van Duyne who involved Sadik Fahd. (Girld Best Friend, et. al.)

Steve Heinze as Special Agent Van Duyne

CIA special agent Van Duyne who helped Mac become an overnight diamond “expert” then was found to be selling synthetic diamonds to Sadik Fahd. Unfortunately, Fahd tortured him to death. (Persian Gulf, et. al.)

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