Terribly Bad Guys

As you can see, the ten-year run of the JAG television series has produced a substantial number of “bad guys.” “Really Bad Guys” was a good enough label at first but eventually it was clear that some were more vicious and evil than others – and some you just couldn’t get rid of. For example some were supposedly good characters but had the habit of continually trying to thwart Harm and Mac’s plans – the SECNAV comes to mind.

Then there are the Terribly Bad Guys who are more than just an annoyance or a schemer and will or have killed someone (or hired someone to do it). Does Clark Palmer or Harry Drax ring a bell?

And, lastly, there are the terrorists who make a habit of killing people – like Sadik Fahd and Teresa Marcello.

Peter Murnik as Agent Clark Palmer

A master of disguise and member of the defunct defense security division – An all around nasty man who has tried several times to wreck Harm’s life and kill him usually through what he considers “artistic” means.

Nancy Chambers as Meghan O’Hara

“Singer” in her initial role as an assasin of a Romanian princess. Preventing her sucess got Harm his Romanian ribbon.

Morgan Hunter as Capt Grinkov

Crazy Russian captain of Russian warship Vasiliev who tried to force his old US nemesis to kill him during war games by firing a live missle at the US ship. Went down with his ship after H talked him into letting all his men escape.

Erick Avari as Minister Nassan

Deceitful Iranian official who held Jack Keeter captive until Harm rescued him. General Cresswell apparently became friends with him but he was not above thinking he could “bribe or threaten” the navy judicial system to suit his own desires.

Barry Corbin as Percival Bertram

An vigilante “Patrio-Terrorist” who, masquerading as a hard line patriot was actually funding middleast terrorist activity. He arranged to have his middleastern contact killed when the money he was spending was traced back to him.

Mark L Taylor as Michael Gallant

Disgruntled civilian scientist who’s concept of superconductor magnetic ion propulsion was not funded by SDI so he became sabatouer of astronaut spy satellite repair program so Chinese would build his engine. Episode where Harm landed a shuttle trainer “deadstick.”

Uncredited as Jack Lambert

The leader of a Militia movement who blackmailed a pilot into stealing a navy jet to shoot down an arab leader by kidnapping his wife and daughter.

Joel Gretsch as Chief Hodge

A corpsman aboard the USS Watertown who created illness and injury in order to “look good” when he “saved” them. H & M discovered his “Munchausen’s tendency and were severely injured by him trying to capture him.

Richard Speight Jr. as Warren Toobin

A fugitive being hunted by the FBI for bombing an IRS building in which one person was killed as part of his separitist militia activities.

Christopher Dean Johnston as Seaman Olin

One of three seaman to participated in “Dungaree Justice” & beat up a bartender for “raping” their friend who they got drunk and abandonded in a bar. It was actually him who egged his other two friends into the beating after he had raped their drunken friend who was passed out.

John Mariano as Enrico Amati

The boss of the Sicilian Mafia who helped Chegwidden and Webb locate the terrorist daughter of the rival Mafia organization. He notified his sister that Chegwidden was in town as she had a vendetta against Chegwidden for killing her son when he kidnapped Chegwiddens daughter.

Vladimir Skomarovsky as Col Mikhail Parlovsky

Russian KGB agent who killed Stephan Kanaplanik, a russian mafia member selling fake POW documents to Harm. He promised to help Harm and sent him a “real” photo of Rabb Sr in Russia to lure him into a trap in his fight against Mark Sokol.

Levani Outchaneichvili as Stephan Gregorovitch Konaplanik

A Russian mafia member who sold Harm fake documents of Vietnam POWs taken to russia, including Rabb Sr. He was shot by Col Parlovski, KGB agent.

Terry Lester as CPO Fred Holst

An admitted wife beater who strangled Ensign Felker a lover of his wife’s. He got her to lie for him but was caught when Bud got a Russian spy satellite photo of the beach murder scene showing his car.

Michael Saad as Behrouz Hasan

A turkish diplomat who was a spy and tried to kill Ensign Elizabeth Lane after finding out that she was a “counterspy” who was investigating them. He was killed by her in his attempt.

Erik Todd Dellums as Charlie Lynch

A deranged sailor who first killed Annie (a niece) then his old MC Calloway, Angela Dalla Valle (apt house owner), Marjorie Lewis (Annie’s aunt), a Military Sentry and the foster mother of Dar-Lin (Annie’s twin) while he was kidnapping Dar-Lin. Harm killed him when he attacked him with an axe.

Royce D. Applegate as Craig Allenby

Father of Seaman Allen Broat who served on USS Jim Bridger with Admiral Bill Clancy, Adm Paul Whelan as XO and AJ Chegwidden as JAG. Broat convicted wrongfully for a ship fire & died before exonerated. Allenby killed Clancy then Whelan & shot Chegwidden during capture.

Nick Corri as Bronco Mendoza

The spoiled brat son of So American political Big Whig who, using his diplomatic immunity and his Princeton degree in chemical engineering, dealt & designed drugs. He killed Artemus Sullivan’s grandson and kidnapped Artemus. H had Webb revoke his immunity after rescuing Artemus.

Ben Lemon as Cdr Holbarth

Seahawk’s XO with Bud & Harm’s girlfriend Lt Diane Schonke who he murdered when she intended to report him for not acting on her prior reports of sexual harassment and stalking. Thinking Mac (spitting image of Diane) was her ghost, he felland was crushed between battleship and dock.

Michael David Lally as Detective Coster

A homicide detective who became a stalker of Mac’s. He killed Dalton Lowne when his wire taps revealed Dalton was stalking her. He then captured her and tried to kill Harm before he was rendered unconscious in a fight with Harm.

Ben Crowley as Peter Waller

An angry boy who became a serial killer after his father died. He stalked his stepmothers’ ship, USS Gilcrest, around Italy when she, the captain, told him she didn’t have time to be with him.

Scott Paetty as Lt Sam Albrecht

Pilot who developed vertigo then killed his RIO Phil Zuzello before he was found out. The death by asphyxiation was blamed on the plane captain PO Moritz until Harm intentionally flew with him to uncover his secret and was nearly killed.

Bruce Davison as Dr. Morris Sperling

A bio-weapons scientist who sold secrets to russians and, with his russian spy wife, assasinated another scientist, Robert Sperling who had found him out making it look like suicide. He was set up by the son of the dead scientist into admitting he and his wifes acts.

Hayley DuMond as Ensign Kingsley

Woman with uncontrolled anger who murdered her husband’s mistress then when caught claimed self-defense. Her attorney, Juanita Ressler, manipulated the press until Mac countered her tactics & found other prior violent incidents – case was televised under the SECNAVs malicious authority gaining Mac national notoriety.

William Lucking as Harry Drax

Former CIA operative in Vietnam who frequently “lost his perspective” and murdered civilians. He was shot by (CAG) Boone when he wouldn’t stand down killing civilians. Not killed, he was secretly “retired” by the CIA under a false name.

Alex Breckenridge as Pia Bonfilio

Old “friend” of Jennifer Coates who stole money from her pimp boyfriend then manipulated Jennifer to let her stay with her while she set Jennifer up to be blamed for the murder when she killed him.

Royce D. Applegate as Sheriff Crease Madden

Corrupt bigot sherif who hated spanish people and ordered Pvt. Rafael Jesus Rivera killed to stop him from following through with a land grant court case that might have taken some of his land.

Vivian Wu as Angelique Sonsiri

The Amer-asian wife of the ambassador to Thailand who was a serial killer preying upon navy Lieutenants like the American who abandoned her and her mother to the Vietnamese. Tried to kill Harm who was only saved by his feisty partner Meg.

Yancey Arias as Santos Ramirez

A Mexican scam artist who got people to pick fights with American Sailors; then he would beat the person up so as to look "real" and would give them a tenth of what the Navy settled for when taken to court on trumped up charges. He framed Mikey for a death in which he tried to get $2 Million settlement.

Francois Chau as Gen. Chen

Chinese General who held a spy-plane’s crew hostage and strip it’s electronics after forcing it to land. He demanded to negotiate with Admiral Boone (ret), lied about the pilot being killed then actually killed the pilot when discovered. He “testified” in a courtmartial against the pilot who destroyed the plane on the airstrip.

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