As you can see, the ten-year run of the JAG television series has produced a substantial number of “bad guys.” “Really Bad Guys” was a good enough label at first but eventually it was clear that some were more vicious and evil than others – and some you just couldn’t get rid of. For example some were supposedly good characters but had the habit of continually trying to thwart Harm and Mac’s plans – the SECNAV comes to mind.

Then there are the Terribly Bad Guys who are more than just an annoyance or a schemer and will or have killed someone (or hired someone to do it). Does Clark Palmer or Harry Drax ring a bell?

And, lastly, there are the terrorists who make a habit of killing people – like Sadik Fahd and Teresa Marcello.

Bernard White as Captain Carlos Fuentes & Sadik Fahd

Fuentes: Cuban Captain stealing secrets from downed US plane and engaged Harm in dogfights. Fahd: Terrorist who tortured Webb and Mac. Bought Stinger missiles from Raoul Garcia in order to launch an attack against the US. Mistakenly came after Mac who shot him: in the arm for Harm and in the head for Webb.

Orlando Pabotoy as Akay Anwar

Pirate terrorist who Vukovick and Mac prevented from blowing up Hong Kong harbor.

Francesco Quinn as Kabir Atef and Mustapha Ben Kessar

Kessar took over a hospital where a top Israeli negotiator was undergoing a heart transplant. He was electrocuted with defibrillator paddles on a wet floor by Harm, who he was trying to shoot.

Uncredited as Fazal Kasi

Syrian terrorist who used money from Percival Bertram to finance the bombing of the USS Wake Island, American Central Hotel in Riyadh and others. Hired Arabs to plant bombs which he voice detonated. Bertram hired assasinated when money traced back to him.

Uncredited as Jaleel Nasseen

Hired by Fazal Kasi to plant bombs on the USS Wake Island but captured in attempt. Shot by Cpl Barry a guard & death faked by agent Novack of FBI to throw Kasi off guard.

Jo Champa as Teresa Marcello

The daughter of an Italian Mafia boss, member of defunct red brigade, now a “freelance” terrorist who kidnapped CIA agent Tim Fawkes, mentor of Webb and close friend of Chegwidden. She was killed by Webb during rescue of Fawkes.

Eddy Saad as Sina Kazzari

Double agent working for Webb and Iranians who tried to stop Harm from flying the Stealth F117 out of Iran after Keeter had landed it in the desert following catastrophic computer system failure. Shot by Harm using “western distraction” trick.

Marjorie Monaghan as Imposter Alice Tuppany

A traitor and spy selling secrets to North Korea. She took Harm Hostage to escape in a Tomcat threatening him with an armed grenade after he discovered that she had sent a burst radio transmission from the ship. Korean Migs shot her and Harm ejected her before she blew up.

Stephen Liska as Gunter Harvak

A “Big-Fish” arms buyer for SadDAM Hussein who killed PO2 Elvgrin, an undercover agent of Webb’s, and kidnapped Josh Pendry who saw him do it. He was killed by Harm before he could stab Josh.

Victor Rivers as Miguel Cortez

A cuban with a vendetta against Fidel Castro for making his father choose between his son or his hands. Killed captain and others of USS Stockdale, made hostages of Tiger Cruise children and fired missle at Castro. Josh Pendry put water in gas of his escape helicopter.

Michelle Bonilla as Rosilita

Deranged terrorist who held children of Tiger Cruise hostage with her finger on Semtex explosives. She planned on exploding her and the children after others escaped but Harm shot her in the head as her finger was on the switch.

as Raoul Garcia

Terrorist who purchased electronic guidance circuit boards from Webb in a sting and sold them to Sadik Fahd. He was “neutralized” by Webb in the sting.

John Castellanos as Carlos Rojas

A drug dealer who seduced Olivia, the wife of Col Bradley Dunston in charge of drug enforcement in Panama. He had her smuggle cocaine in diplomatic pouches. When Harm and Mac found her out she shot Rojas before he shot her. Then Harm and Mac both shot and killed him.

Raymond O’Keefe as Russian General Arkady Krylov

A corrupt Russian General in charge of prosecuting the war with chechnia and who steals arms from his own men to sell to the checins. A member of a corrupt military/KGB faction he plotted to kill President Putin. When found out he tried to have Harm, Sergei, and Capt. Volkonov killed as well.

Peeter Vilms as Vasily Rokatov

A professional assassin hired by General Krylov and others to kill an american spy who figured out that their his next target would be President Putin. He also tried to kill Sergei and Harm.

Uncredited as Yuri Lentov

Russian assasin who killed Cdr Laura Aikin, a friend of Mac’s, who had discovered a plot to steal weapons grade unranium from Russian stockpiles.

Jack Conley as “Hemlock”

An enigmatic assassin who was trying to assassinate Yeltsin in the US. He shot Meg in the head requiring Harm and Krennick to investigate together as the only one alive who had seen him. H eventually shot up his car, and him, while he was trying to escape. He was also in Shakedown(4) and Crash(9).

as Ahmad al-Barzan

Iraqui Colonel head of security who was trying CPl Anderson for espionage in a “kangaroo” court. He tried to capture an informant, “Scimitar,” and was killed while Harm and Meg rescued the Cpl.

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