Bud Roberts

The JAG characters Bud Roberts and Harriet Sims were married during the show’s run. This scrapbook is basically the Robert’s Wedding Album. In addition, of course, there were many substantial family events which need chronicleing such as the birth of their children, dealing with parents and loss of Bud’s leg.

Wedding Album

  • First Kiss

  • Will you marry me

  • What will you do, sue me?

  • “Don’t marry a man named for a dog”

  • “You can sashay your southern belle butt back home”

  • “Don’t ever raise a hand to me or Mikey again”

  • Kissn’ in the library

  • You may kiss the bride

  • “Go Navy” Win (358K)


  • Sara’s Ultrasound

  • Blamed Gettis for Sara’s death

  • Bud crying to Chegwidden

  • Sara’s grave

  • Mikey on sailing team

  • Carrying the Nuclear Suitcase

  • Getting dereliction of duty bad news

  • Going to sleep in court

  • After climbing the stairs with one leg

  • Getting “bars” from Chegwidden

  • Singing Delilah

  • Bud sick

  • Bud very sick

  • Bud dead

  • AJs “second sight”

  • Home in a wheelchair

  • Refusing the Purple Heart

  • Harriet pinning the Purple heart

  • Big Bud finally coming

  • “It’s my life Harriet so leave the ‘doing’ to me”

  • Shaun Styles, Bud’s rehab “mentor”

  • Chewing out Mikey for unobjectivity

  • Bud smacks loud mouthed, anti-military prig

  • Bud smacks his stress management instructor

  • Bud’s lost love

  • Jagathon Friends

  • “Bud needs me to ‘control’ his life”

  • Singing “My Girl” as Brum’s best man

  • Harriets pregnant

  • Swearing in to the Bar

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