Harmon Rabb

One of the JAG star characters is Harmon Rabb Jr. the son of Harmon Rabb who was shot down over Vietnam in 1969. “Little Harm” and his mother were notified of the fact on Christmas Eve and from that time forward Harm Jr. became obsessed with finding his father such that when his mother Patricia remarried the two found it difficult to “bond.” Harm ran away from home at 16 and, in the company of Lieutenant Colonel Francis Stryker, went to Laos although was unsuccessful at finding his father. Afterward he stayed with his paternal grandmother, Sarah Rabb, and learned about his father and grandfather while he rebuilt their double winged Stearman.

He graduated from Annapolis and qualified for flight training where he excelled and distinguished himself; until, crashed his F-14 Tomcat into the carrier deck because of “night-blindness.” After attending law school he became part of the Judge Advocate General Corps, JAG for short.

Harm’s scrapbook has been divided into three sections:

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  1. I saw a TV show somewhere ~2000-2006 where a main character of that TV show either faked his death or died and returned, then appeared by his grave at night to confront his enemy/the mole. Afterward, he celebrated with his friends at a bar.

    I believe that it might have been the TV show, Jag, but I haven’t found enough information to know for certain.

    • it definitely and unequivocally was NOT the JAG TV series! If you’ve searched all the places you mentioned, I’m afraid it’s a lost cause unless you can find some other “hook” into the series you want – like the name of at least one actor, writer, TV channel etc.

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