Harm: Military

  • Harm’s “Nightblindness” crash that sent him to JAG

  • Chasing down the Marine General’s evil son

  • Flying an ATARS mission with the CAG, just like it was in Hanoi

  • Harm, after saving the CAG


    How are we going to get out? … Have faith!

  • “You’re too young to be called ‘Pappy’… I don’t think your dad would mind”

  • Hangin’ over devils tower

  • Extracting from the middleast

  • Recieving the bronze star from

    clintonAnother medal

  • Landing shuttle trainer

  • Looping in a Lear in Cuba
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  • Shooting gun in court
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  • In Sharpshooters sights

  • Harm the rednosed Tomcat
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    Pushing F14 by it’s tail hook earns a second DFC award

  • Going to get cell phone on Tiger Cruise

  • Stopping tank driver from kidnapping his son

  • You just won’t be yourself

  • Flying a stolen MIG with Mac

  • Fighting Checins

  • If I were younger, taller, not married…

  • Silver star for saving ship from "dirty" nuke missile

  • Met with Castro over shipwrecked girl

  • Faked malfunction to trick a FurhlTech confession

  • After uncovering killer pilot with vertigo

  • Chasing down assassin Rokatov

  • Flying COD with CAG

  • Permission to make a speed run?

  • Dropping flares in Afganistan

  • Ejecting the boss- Chegwidden

  • Dodging Fuentes’ missle
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  • Were you always this obnoxious?

  • Bug Eyed Harm

  • Blowin’ Sadik’s Missles

  • Getting “fired”

  • Welcome to the “brotherhood”

  • Turbo CIA takeoff

  • Chegwiddens retirement toast
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  • Chegwidden in ‘Nam

  • “Beamed” by Bradenhurst UFO

  • Landing blind

  • Shot by Palmer

  • Saving Skates

  • Finding Captain Jack

  • Afgan Harm

  • Josh disobeyed
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  • Judge Harm

  • Saving the Ebola virus

  • Helping wounded Chegwidden


    Trying to make it back for Mac’s wedding, he flew through the “mother of all storm cells” with skates and had to eject and be rescued.


    Found through Mac’s clairvoyant abilities, he almost died of hypothermia and lost his memory.

  • Jumpin’ Harms bones

  • Lost his hearing from booby trap

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