Friends: Close Personal

Close Personal Friends and FiancĂ©’s

Cindy Ambuehl as Renee Peterson

A movie producer/director girlfriend of Harm’s. Very “pushy” and couldn’t handle Harm having his career which took him away from her. Eventually married a mortician.

Daphne Ashbrook as Annie Pendry

Wife of Lucas Pendry, a deceased pilot friend of Harm’s. Harm was enamored with her from when Jack was his roommate and best friend but he never acted on it. Mother of Josh Pendry who she is trying to “protect” from becoming a pilot like his dad and Harm.
– Harm singing “fill my life” Win (1358K)

Susan Haskell as Cmdr Jordan ‘Jordi’ Parker

A psychiatrist friend of Harms who became estranged when Harm got his eyes fixed, to go back to active flight status, without telling her. When Harm returned she was still upset and leaving for overseas assignment. Then when she returned he was involved with Renee. Harm saved her from "Palmer" but she was killed by a deranged jealous wife of a patient.

Catherine Bell as Lt Diane Schonke

Looks identical to Mac. Met Harm at the Academy becoming as close as careers in aviation and cryptography would allow. After being sexually harassed & stalked, she was murdered by the XO on the Seahawk where she served with Bud Roberts. Mac’s resemblance startled the killer so much he fell and was crushed between dock and battleship so Harm didn’t need to shoot him.

Uncredited as Lt Col Francis Stryker

Took 16 year old Harmon Rabb Jr on a trek through Vietnam searching for his MIA pilot father. He only succeeded in meeting and loving a Vietnamese girl who was later killed.

Uncredited as Lt Mace

The RIO who was killed in Harm’s nightblindness ramp strike aboard the Sea Hawk. Later, when Harm was investigating a murder aboard the Sea Hawk, his brother, who was now a pilot, harassed Harm but finally pinned wings on Harm as a token of acceptance.

Un-shown as Maria Elena Carmelita Romero Guittierrez

Met Harm and a navy friend in South America. Several years later Harm was in the neighborhood so looked her up again and brought her back to his US apartment for a brief involvement.

Kristin Bauer as Megan Ransford

The daughter of an artist who was killed when an F-14 crashed into him. She became enamored with Harm and told him “not to forget her.”

Cynthia Sikes as Dr. Sydney Walden

Urologist friend of Admiral Chegwidden and mother of Danny. She became estranged from the Admiral when she mistakenly defended her son’s drug activities.

Larry Poindexter as Dalton Lowne

A civilian attorney who recruited Mac away from JAG with promises of a substantial job and money. He merely wanted a “gopher” however and Mac. Mac soon became disillusioned and went back to JAG. He couldn’t leave Mac alone and became a stalker until he was shot and killed by a “real” stalker.

Steven Culp as Clayton Webb

An enigmatic character as CIA special agent. Much of the time, at least at first, he would have spent on the “Bag Guy” list as he was always a “hurdle” that the “good guys” had to get around. However, he continually showed his integrity and helpfulness when it was most needed sort of a “reluctant companion.” He developed a love interest with Mac who’s ending has never actually been satisfactorily explained.

Ben Murphy as Lt. Col. John Farrow

Mac’s CO with whom she had an affair prior to going to law school. They were seen by Mac’s estranged husband Chris Ragel. He was with Mac when she accidentally shot and killed Ragel during a struggle with a gun.

Isabella Hofmann as Meredith Cavanaugh

A sometimes “brain-dead,” un-realizingly clumsy to the extreme, professor of Shakespeare, who broke Chegwidden’s rib and nearly killed Rabb before she became engaged to the admiral. Chegwidden walked in on her having an “affair” with another professor (apparantly a recurring theme in her life) which ended their engagement.

Laura Putney as Catherine Gale

CIA counsel who only reluctantly helped Harm in some cases but most of the time obstructed his efforts to obtain information from the CIA. Harm “married” her in a “Mock” ceremony performed by Bud at the hospital bedside of her dying mother. Later, whe she was pregnant from someone else, Harm proposed they “take a shot at it” but was told that he was “too high risk.”

Oliver North as Ollie

Very close personal friend of Meg’s who she turns to in times of need and reminisces about her father. He sat by her bed when she was in a coma from being shot by an assassin. Meg kissed him in Harm’s sight to give him the idea that she was his girlfriend.

Meg Wittner as Chegwiddens Judge friend Laura DeLaney

Although not solidly established in the series Admiral Chegwidden aparantly became quite fond of the judge. He ran with her in the park and tried to break it off to protect her from someone trying to kill him. She was more controlling than he and defied him by going to his house where she was killed by a mine.

Erica Gimpel as Verese Chestnut

A well known (at least to Sturgis Turner) jazz singer who was part of Harriet’s Christmas USO show in Baghdad. She and Sturgis seemed to hit if off well and, when last mentioned, had moved to DC in order to “see how it worked out” with him.

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