Friends: Significant

Sibel Ergener as Lt Elizabeth ‘Skates’ Hawkes

The CAG (Boone) called her the “best RIO on the ship.” She was able to escape from the crash of an incompetent pilot and later supported Harm in several missions and saved his life by “jumping his bones” when he was nearly frozen and unconscious. Harm grabbed her parachute & saved her from going into the “screws.” He also got her acquitted in a court martial.

Alexander Kuzenetsov as Cdr Kretchjak

On the “other side” but always showed integrity and helpfulness toward JAG characters. Assisted Harm in his quest to find his father and in fact aided him in finding his brother Sergei.

Kevin Conway as Willie Meizer/Roscoe Martin

“The King of the Fleas.” An ex prisoner of war paraplegic accordion player who was tricked into turning in Harms father to the Viet Cong as a pilot with knowledge wanted by the Russians. He was able to avenge himself on the POW camp commander. He stopped his own life support when a bullet from a SWAT team made him a quadriplegic. Harm defended twice.

John Walcutt as Tom Johnson

Mattie’s estranged alcoholic father. Came back into Mattie’s life just in time to contest Harm’s custody attempt. Mac talked him into going into rehab which he completed and won back Mattie’s custody. Began drinking again when Mattie was injured and in a coma.

Vivian Bellisario as Viv

Wife of Donald P Bellisario who acted as “Viv” Webb’s fencing partner in a cameo appearance.

Michael McGrady as Jack Keeter

Harms old academy roommate who prevented him from going AWOL at exam time. Lately he has been flying “black ops” for the government and has lost his aircraft and been imprisoned and rescued by Harm – Twice! [“Ditched” an upgraded Tomcat in Cuba and landed a disabled F117 Stealth in Iranian desert.]

Anne-Marie Johnson as Congresswoman Bobbi Leatham

Spends a lot of her time on the “Bad Guy” list but has occasionally relented and assisted Harm enough to be called a “friend” of sorts. She wanted to date Harm for awhile then she and Sturgis Turner were “An Item” for awhile but life differences made them incompatible.

Claudette Nevins as Mrs. Porter Webb

The ex-CIA agent wife of Porter Webb, also a CIA agent; and mother of Clayton Webb a current CIA agent. Very tight lipped woman who has lied to Harm and Mac at least twice about Clayton’s death. Shot an assassin going kill Harm, Mac & Clay.

Un-credited as Porter Webb

The deceased ex-CIA agent father of Clayton Webb. Married woman who also was a CIA agent. According to Mrs. Webb her husband was the “spitting image” of Clayton.

Bruce Weitz as Chief Petty Officer Paul Bauwer

An ex SEAL who became homeless after going AWOL during a psyc eval when he nearly killed a man he said was stalking his wife. He lived on the streets but kept watch over his son Marty who never knew him. He killed 3 convenience store robbers/murderers who were threatening his son. Harm defended in civilian court.

Art Hindle as Capt Ward

The CAG aboard the USS Coral Sea who knew and flew with Harm’s father Harmon Rabb Sr. He let H fly while aboard his ship and had him use a “wing lift” to disengage the autopilot on another Tomcat whose crew were unconscious from bad oxygen.

Michael Tucci as Father Genaro

Catholic priest, administrator of the Hospice of the Sacred Heart where Joseph MacKenzie went to die of metastatic cancer. Very kindly, but stood up to Mac’s aggressive style of denial and lashing out. Mac realized that her father had “made a home for me in his own pathetic way.” Told Mac the things her father had said before he lapsed into a coma.

Montel Williams as Lt Curtis Rivers

Son of Seaman Edgar Rivers who hung himself in the brig after erroneously charged with stealing; Lt Rivers nominated by president Clinton for Congressional Medal of Honor after saving undersecretary of state from terrorists. His men erroneously stonewalled him thinking he had broken the seal code.

Harry Danner as Tim Hawkes

A CIA operative who saved Chegwidden’s “soul” in Vietnam by NOT passing him the coordinates of the target he was supposed to assassinate. It was a nun who Chegwidden would have shot.

Wil Bethel as Seaman Apprentice Charles Bander

Seaman Apprentice who attempted to “free” the navy dolphins having been rescued himself from a shark by dolphins when surfing. Mac defended & Turner prosecuted in a unusual show of compassion by recommending leniency.

Linden Chiles as Admiral James Dawkins

Retired admiral who was a friend of Harm’s father. Harm has used his advice and assistance several times.

Sarah Silverman as Lt Tina Schiparelli

A motor-mouth assistant to Capt Gary Hochausen. She hustled marines at pool with Harm then kissed him. She finally had to tell Harm that she thought Capt Hochausen falsified his eye exams.

Joel Higgins as Capt Peter Tully

A close friend of Chegwidden’s who ran off the runway after taking Viagra, a prohibited drug. The admiral met Dr Sydney Walden while he was helping him with his hearing.

Jim Hanks as CPO Kyle Anderson

Chloe’s father who Mac helped get back together with her. His wife died and he took Chloe to live with her grandparents while stationed overseas.

Kate Hodge as Ensign Elizabeth Lane (alias)

An undercover agent assigned to the Turkish Embassy to upgrade their NATO computers but found minister Behrouz Hasan was spying. He tried to kill her when he found out she knew but she killed him instead. She was ‘supposed’ to be found guilty and disappear in prison but Harm got her acquitted.

Mark Metcalf as Capt. Pike [“CAG”]

CAG on board the USS Patrick Henry who knew Harm’s father. A level headed and respected person, he gave Harm much desired closure on his loss of “flight career” and pushed him back to JAG.

Tom Urich as Admiral Bill Clancy

He “straightened out” a “fractious, messed up” Chegwidden while serving on post-Vietnam war USS Farragut by trying to “knock some sense into him on the fantail.” Killed by Craig Allenby a hunting guide but Chegwidden had to prove that it wasn’t suicide. He aided Chegwidden’s investigation by appearing in several dreams.

Mary Page Keller as Commander Beth O’Neil

A “shining star” female naval aviator who was charged with sexual harassment by a conceited Lieutenant who recieved a poor fitness report. Harm and Manetti sucessfully defended her but only after she admitted that she was an undisclosed gay. She eventually left the navy and was flying for the CIA when Harm had his stint with the “company.”

Art LaFleur as Richard Kern

Vice Admiral who retired to take cooking lessons in France because he was “slowing down” and if he “couldn’t be out in front, he’d rather be out of site.” His retirement left Chegwidden the last active SEAL left from his old unit.

Barbara Eve Harris as Lt. Cmdr. McCool

A no-nonsense psychiatrist who didn’t put up with excuses and therefore could break through Mac’s walls of denial and defense in order to actually help her.

Teresa Yearwood as Teresa Coulter

She is a reservist forensic pathologist who has helped Harm and Mac on many cases. Her life was shattered by her father going to Leavenworth for killing her mother. After several years Harm proved that her mothers death was a suicide which exonerated her father. Although she has expressed her desire to date Harm he has never followed through on it.

Allan Kolman as Alexi

Cab driver (/spy /black marketer /friend) in Russia who works for the highest bidder. He helped set up Harm and Mac for Cdr Parlovski then warned Harm of his trap. He secretly drove Mac to a military base and even works for Webb on occasion.

Donald P. Bellisario as Hugh Blackadder

A friend of Frank Burnett’s in Moscow who couriered money to Harm in order to help find his father. (Really the show’s creator in a rare cameo.)

W. Morgan Sheppard as Viktor Lushov

A Russian Air Force Pilot who interrogated Harmon Rabb Sr in Vietnam about the “Iron Hand Missions.” He became a friend and saved Rabb’s life. Although Rabb had lied to him, he told the KGB that Rabb was “helpful” which got him taken to Russia instead of killed. He finally told Harm about it and gave him his father’s KGB number.

Thad Luckinbill as PO Moritz

The only known client to “fire” Harm. Upon recommendation of Lt Mark Gordon (who H got acquitted for clipping a cable in Italy) he selected Harm as defense but Harms heart wasn’t in it and was doing a poor job. Harm eventually was moved to continue searching for an explanation and nearly killed himself flying with a vertiginous pilot who had killed his RIO and blamed it on Moritz.

Rudi Boesch as Himself

Admiral Chegwidden greeted him warmly as his old Sr instructor at BUDS. (really a runner-up contestant on “Survivor” who had a cameo part in JAG) He happened to be the REAL coffee drinker Chegwidden was trying to find and had just stopped in to say hello to AJ while he was doing book signings.

Hector Elias as Pvt. Rafael Jesus Rivera

Hero at the battle of Chosin reservoir who was inappropriately charged with desertion and ended up saving Gunny’s life when a corrupt sheriff tried to have him killed to stop him from a land grant court action.

as Peter Tyree

A airman who dreamed of being a pilot and was court-martialed by Turner for “misappropriation” of a trainer. Harm defended and lost so he talked a “3 star” into taking charge and dropping the case recommending Navy sponsored officers training so he could be a pilot. Harm personally took him for an exhilarating flight in his Stearman “Sara.”

Sandy Ward as “Pop’s” Grahowsky

The hanger manager and mechanic who looks after “Sara” Harm’s Stearman in “New Gun in Town”. Harm values his fatherly advice and philosophical discussions. (Name was never mentioned until after Mattie took over his hanger)

Mark Henderson as Rick Stoechler

An old family friend of Harm’s who was assassinated by the Chinese after he discovered a “mole” in his unit. Webb was actually feeding the mole disinformation so he “set up” Stoechler as a traitor. Harm vindicated him with a “classified trial” in “mixed messages.”

Clayton Norcross as Lucas Pendry

Although only shown in “Jinx” he was mentioned in many other episodes. He was a close personal friend of Harm’s, despite the latter’s affection for his wife annie.

Michael McGrady as Jack Keeter

Very close personal friend of Harm’s with the habit of landing planes where he shouldn’t. First his “modified” F14 in Cuba where Harm was assigned to rescue him in a lear jet (“smoked”); then, a “stealth” jet in the deserts of Iran and became a prisoner where Harm and Mac had to extract him (“The Black Jet”).

Stephen McHattie as Gunnery Sgt. Ray Crockett

The Marines best sharpshooter who “burned out” on killing and had an agreement with his old COs to keep him doing training until discharged. His new CO wouldn’t listen to him about the agreement so he took a shot at his jeep mirror, “to gethis attention.” He repeated the event using H as the target in “High Ground”.

Jameson Parker as CIA director Harrison Kershaw

Probably, mostly a good guy; but, he never gave either Harm or Mac much more than grief, and only when they forced him to.

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