Kids: Major Cast

The children characters in the JAG television series were every bit as professional as their adult counterparts and were usually more than mere “scene dressing.” Many of them carried substantial plot significance and often had extensive speaking roles.

This scrapbook is divided into two sections: Major Cast and Supporting Cast. The Major Cast section is further divided into child actors playing the “childhood” of the major cast in “flashbacks”; and, those playing the children of the main characters on a recurring basis.

The Supporting Cast section is sub-divided into those children who appeared in more than one show and those whose stories were for one television episode only.

Major Cast’s Childhood

Sam Fickman as Young Harmon Rabb Jr.

Harm remembers taking a “tiger cruise” with his father and sitting in a jet marked with the call sign “Hammer.” Also the Navy men comming up the steps to tell his mother that his dad was MIA. His dad’s audio tapes helped him remember his father, and later gave clues that helped Harm locate a “list of names” of POWs taken to Russia by the KGB.”

David James Elliot as 13 year old Harm

According to the story line, Harm’s mother had videotaped him at a school dance when he was 13 years old. She had saved
the film and sent it to him at his request when he needed to placate his possessive girlfriend. Renee had complained many times about never “knowing” Harm so he finally showed this film to her.

Evan Acosta as 16 year old Harm

(in deja Vu) At 16 Harm went to Vietnam on his own to try and find his father. He met “Striker” with whom he searched in vain. Although he didn’t find his father, the trip to Vietman, for good and bad, was to have a profound effect on Harms later life.

Alexandra Kyle as Young Meg

Meg remembers her father as a kind and honorable man and who had a close friend “Ollie” who would be a meaningful figure in her own life. While having an adult near-death experience, Meg took a horseback ride with her father in her “vision” as a young girl. He explained that she couldn’t come with him “now” prior to her regaining consciousness.

Alia Shawkat as Young Mac

Shown during Mac’s flashbacks of her early life listening to the abuse of her mother Deanna by her father Joseph. After being threatened with a knife her mother abandoned the family leaving Mac with her father until she too ran away to live with her uncle who helped her “dry out” in the deserts of Arizona.

Major Cast’s Children

Hallee Hirsh as Mattie Grace Johnson

Harms’ ward. Owner of Grace Aviation where Harm got a job as a crop duster. Estranged from her alcoholic father Tom Johnson after her mother was killed in an automobile accident where he was driving. Harm petitioned for guardianship but she reconciled with her father and went back to him. She was injured while taking a flying lesson.

Mae Whitman as Chloe Madison

Although Mac considers her an adopted daughter she was assigned to Mac through the “little sister” program needing “strong handling. Her father is deployed overseas, mother deceased and she lives with her grandparents in the country. She is caring for Mac’s drug sniffing dog. Mac used a psychic vision to locate her after being thrown from her horse.

Un-credited as Baby AJ Roberts

First infant son of Bud and Harriet Roberts who was named after the person who had most influenced their lives Admiral Albert Jethro Chegwidden. He was born at JAG headquarters due to Ht going into abnormal labor and delivered on the floor of Admiral Chegwidden by the Admiral himself. He was christened by the Navy chief of chaplains.

Matthew Michael Josten as A.J. Roberts

First child of Harriet and Bud Roberts named after Admiral A.J. Chegwidden (Albert Jethro). Had “vision” of his dad
coming home when he was injured in a land mine explosion. He ran away from his uncle Mikey when he was upset over being “displaced” by their second child.

Uncredited as James Kirk Roberts

Son named by Bud (without the realization of Harriet) after Captain James Kirk of the Starship Enterprise. Kirk is Gaelic meaning “circle without end.” Bud told her that the name was “historic and masculine.” Everyone, except Harm who was helping the CIA save the Phillipine government, attended his christening.

Un-credited as Baby Girl & Boy Roberts

Bud and Harriet Roberts’ latest twin children. They had an open house to introduce the children to Buds work friends who hadn’t seen them due to Harriet’s departure from JAG.

Danneel Harris as Cameron “Cammie” Cresswell

She is strong willed, self-centered, forward and aggressive. She has entered the Military academy and resents her father’s continual pressure. She is not above cheating to win (at least in paintball.)

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