Sara MacKenzie

Sarah MacKenzie, or “Mac” as her friends call her in the JAG TV series, was one of the youngest women in the Marine Corps to attain the rank of Major albeit not without a childhood containing abandonment with an abusive father by an alcoholic mother, surviving a fatal car crash as a teen alcoholic herself, living with a military oriented uncle to dry out and walking away from a hasty teen marriage. Amazingly she went to Officers Candidate School, was commissioned in the Marine Corps and served in Bosnia. Eventually she was found at JAG where she was partnered with Harmon Rabb Jr., Harm for short, who was immediately drawn to her due to her uncanny resemblance to his former fiancé. She is a match for Harm in nearly every way including her military career, having alternated life saving rescues with each other during their nine year “courtship.”

Mac’s scrapbook is divided into two sections:

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