Mac: Friends and Harm

With Friends

  • Dalton Lowne

  • Col John Farrow

  • Clayton Webb

  • Almost, with Chegwidden

  • as civilian attorney

  • Off the wagon

  • At Christmas

  • “Added another light”

  • Changing ring for engagement

  • Jingo

  • Explaining Harm to Mattie

  • At INS hearing & Sharia court

  • Giving Lilyana her medal

  • Wedding dress

  • Chattin’ up Vukovic

With Harm

  • Call me Mac

  • Your honor, he’s the kind of man I’d want to raise…

  • I’ll get you through this

  • Maybe I should get a room of my own

  • Yes, I’m only this way with you

  • Kiss from Harm at Mac’s wedding party with Brumby

  • Riddle me this flyboy, why’d you come after me

  • Her dream before breaking up with Brumby

  • Mac and Harm’s hands

  • Damn you why am I the only one crying

  • Relieved Bud’s OK

  • “Because I love him”
    Win (69K)

  • Bless the mistletoe

  • Well, when you are ready to talk let me know

  • Harm in Purple

  • “We can still have the baby like we planned”

  • Packed Apartment

  • Let’s get married

  • We announce we are getting married

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