Mac: Military

Sarah, "Mac" as her friends call her, was one of the youngest women in the Marine Corps to attain the rank of Major. Her mother, being abused by her alcoholic husband, abandoned Mac and the family when Mac was very young and took their dog with her. Mac became an alcoholic in her teens and after surviving a car crash, which killed her high school friend, was taken by her uncle Matt O’Hara to Red Rock Mesa, in the desert of Arizona, to “dry out” and look for dinosaur track fossils. As a result, she developed a life long hobby of dinosaur study. She married Christopher Ragle during her alcoholic years, but left him and forgot about him while he was in prison.  For some reason, she never divorced him, to her hurt.

She was commissioned through OCS and did serve with unit 29 in Bosnia. While serving in Okinawa she had an affair with her Commanding Officer John Farrow for which she paid dearly in later years. She bears an uncanny resemblance to one of her partner, Harmon Rabb Jr’s, former girlfriend, Diane Shonke, who was murdered. It was Harm who helped her decide to attend her father’s hospice death bed and make peace with him although he was in a coma. She also met and “forgave” her self-depreciating mother who had come to the hospice to see her.

Her career was as varied and intense as her partner Harm’s. While we knew her she: was forced to shoot and kill Ragle when he blackmailed her; held her boyfriend, stalker, Dalton Lowne, while he died from a bullet; was abducted by Lowne’s killer (a real stalker); became engaged to Australian Naval Lawyer, Mic Brumby, who eventually left her; was tortured by a terrorist in South America with CIA agent Clayton Webb; fell in love with Webb, but dumped him when he lied to her and faked his own death; developed endometriosis; and, only with great difficulty, overcame the depression which followed. She also learned to speak Farsi without accent, from her grandmother, as well as the Russian, Arabic and Japanese languages. She has a “hint” ofparanormality, through dreams and visions, which help her solve cases; and, an annoyingly accurate internal clock, precise to the second, which allows her to do extensive time calculations in her head. Although controlled and insightful, she is an accomplished marksman and a combat ready marine who can defend herself and others skillfully- often to the suprise of foes.

A Marine Corps Major when we met her, within four years, during an investigation of a “greenie board” aboard a carrier, she was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. She did resign from the Marine Corps for a short time to join Dalton Lowne’s civilian law firm, but returned very soon thereafter after realizing her mistake. She was promoted to Colonel and eventually married Captain Harmon Rabb; but, not without first following him around the world in his own search for his father and then his brother. She is currently commandant of the Joint Legal Service Center Southwest – that is, if she won the coin toss. She is a match for Harm in nearly every way including her military career, having alternated life saving rescues with each other during their nine year “courtship.”

Military Career

  • Playing nurse

  • The “Angel” nurses

  • Crossing desert with Bedouins

  • Saving Harm & Putin

  • A famous client of Mac’s

  • Saving Ache embassy

  • Receiving Meritorious Service Medal

  • Don’t mess with Mac

  • Ruined career but lucky with his people.

  • Doing re-quals against Cresswell

  • With Harm in Baghdad

  • At Senate AF committee saving the Osprey

  • Dead in a dream

  • Doing PFTs

  • Landin’ W/ Harm

  • Judge Mac

  • Hoorah!
    Win (84K)

  • Afgan Mac

  • Undercover with Webb

  • Goodbye Admiral C

  • Mac in Flack

  • Being saved from acid

  • Wearing a CIA wire

  • Never hit a lady Marine

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