Life or Death – 98

[A somewhat dark episode. The actor playing Caleb Farmer will, in later episodes, play Tom, Mattie’s father]

Corporal Caleb Farmer received the death sentence for pre-meditatedly shooting at a marine squad doing calisthenics, killing three and wounding three. Mac (M) voiced personal agreement with capital punishment and Chegwidden (C) assigned her the defense. Brumby (Brum) got the prosecution and was still “on the make” for M. Harm (H) was trying to avoid Renee Peterson who was trying to snare him into “doing looping” for her recruiting commercial. Gunny (G) was a friend of one of the victim’s, Sgt Kryler, who was now a quadriplegic and told M that he hoped she lost her appeal. Farmer told M he had no excuses but said the squad had made his life hell, he’d asked for help but was turned down, was driven to drink and lost his mind. Mac told Bud (B) that farmer was like a broken down one eyed cat, a bird killer – you loathed him but felt sorry for him at the same time.
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