The Killer – 168

Inspector Pietro Gianinni of Interpol requested JAG assistance investigating four serial killings in Italian cities wherever the destroyer USS Gillcrest was in port. Harm (H) was diverted from the Seahawk to Italy and Manetti (Mt) was sent to meet him because she was the only one in the office who had taken an FBI “profiling” course. She had never actually profiled a case before but was told to follow Hs lead. Harm walked in on her only wearing a towel in his room (while hers was being cleaned). She hit if off with Gianinni because she spoke Italian from her heritage. With Cmdr. Amanda Waller, ships captain, and PO Marshall, they narrowed the suspects down to duty section four, the only one ashore during all four murders. Manetti gave the profile as a young man with female authority figure issues.
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Critical Condition – 159

[Continued from last season’s JAG cliff-hanger.]

JAG officer Bud Roberts(B) was in critical condition from an accident with a land mine where he lost his leg. Coats (Co) had saved him with a tourniquet and by forcing immediate transport to a field hospital rather than waiting for paramedics to arrive. Dunston of ZNN reported the incident. Chegwidden (C) notified Harriet (Ht) and sent her home with Tiner (Ti). He also got Mikey (Mk) back from the academy to stay with Ht. Big B (BB) was nowhere to be found. Surgeon Ferarro amputated below the knee but B continued to deteriorate so they had to go back to remove more non-viable tissue. On the table B “crashed” and they discovered that he also had a ruptured spleen as well. They tried resuscitation but failed and pronounced him dead at 21:04. Just at the same time back in Bethesda little AJ (aj) stopped playing with uncle Mike and went to stand in the corner. The camera cut back and forth between a zoom into Bs eye and aj’s. Then aj called out “daddy” and said “daddy come home.” At the same time Ferraro was telling Co that B had died, B “jump started” himself back to life and the resuscitation resumed. They finished his surgery and reported to M and H that he was stable and had a good prognosis. [Highly accurate representation of cardiac arrest management.] Harm was seen with tears in his eyes when notified that B had rallied and would survive; M snuggled with him in the corridor. [Patrick Labyorteaux still has both legs]
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Enemy Below – 158

[The JAG season Finale – the resolution to a sub-plot covering several episodes; and, a cliff hanger involving Bud]

JAG was “on point” in a nuclear crisis with Chegwidden (C), Singer (S) and Turner (T) taking the lead, per the SECNAVs instructions. Vice Adm Holt was in charge of the operation. Mustafa Atef’s (a terrorist who was tried, found guilty and committed suicide) brother Kabir was found recruiting Capt Mikael Yerastov (Russian submariner) for an Iranian mission. Webb (W) bugged Ahmad Hakim’s Pakistani Embassy office with a cigar box then Baited him with information that the US knew he was a double agent with the Iranians, and that they also knew of their $250 million payment for the submarine Najvayi. He also said that they knew it had been retrofitted for ss-25 cruise missiles. In a play on “Hunt for red October” Yerastov was the only commander to have ever eluded the US boats who were trailing her; AND, fortunately T was the only sonar operator who had never lost Yerastov! So T was sent to the Seahawk battle group’s submarine, the Watertown, to assist captain Flagler and act as the “wildcard” that Yerastov didn’t expect. Yerastov, T said, had made a study of Flagler, knew what he would do and would capitalize on that knowledge. When Flagler tried to argue with him over a next step, T told him “I am Alec Baldwin.”
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Tribunal – 155

A very rare military tribunal was held aboard the USS Seahawk, of Mustafa Atef, an al Qaeda leader. The JAG, Chegwidden (C), didn’t get anyone to volunteer to be defense counsel, so he did it himself; then, Turner (T) volunteered to be his his 2nd chair. A disagreement over who was 1st chair for the defense was settled with a coin toss. Mac (M) chose “tails” and became 2nd to Harm (H). Capt Sebring presided with six others. Atef’s involuntary confession was obtained by Webb (W) during psychological duress and was not allowed. A local warlord, Gen. Hassan Abdullah, was leading a detention camp of Taliban and al Qaeda captives. He tipped off army Cpt Dale Alexander, who captured Atef, but first running into a lone sniper.
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