Editorial comment – sorry!

[The show has a list of producers as long as your arm – what are they doing? Harm and Mac’s relations have long been an interesting side issue; but, now they have become a giant elephant in the room, preventing the series from progressing until resolved!! Cresswell’s character is sucking enjoyment out of the program. Why, on earth, bring such arrogant, continuous, antagonism inside the circle? Didn’t the “powers” learn anything from the terrible first year ratings, and cancellation, when it was basically only Harm against not only the villians, but the entire rest of the cast? [i.e. the disinterested and condescending Brovo; simpering, deceptive fool “teddy”; “king of the hill” Pike; and, angry, “agendized” SECNAV.] This show works when: “it’s all of US” (insiders) against THEM (outsiders); uses military related action plots; and, when it’s still based on the ideals (as Harm told Xman) “we didn’t get to be the good guys by shooting first.”

Yes, the military (especially politics and the world) is full of: agenda, deception, adults acting like children doing “parallel play,” and arrogant “short men”; but, we don’t invite them into our living rooms after a hard day at work – (for very long anyway.) And, please, plot development should, at least, be within 100 nautical miles of believability!]