Odd Man Out – 148

JAG officer Harm (H) defended corpsman Terrance Shaw for the premeditated murder of Cpl Mark Duquette which was being prosecuted by Mac (M). Bud (B) was called to be on the jury. The evidence was all circumstantial but pointed to Shaw’s guilt. Mac was able to get a “watch cap” excluded from evidence, although B saw it and interpreted it as “reasonable doubt.” Everyone on the jury felt Shaw was guilty and only B thought “not guilty.” Over many hours of debate and evidence reconstruction, B convinced everyone else of the reasonable doubt. Then B was surprised when H wouldn’t shake hands with Shaw after the verdict. Harm then told B that he really “didn’t want to win.” Afterwards B helped M track down more evidence against Shaw and they will attempt a retrial, this time in civilian court.
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Redemption – 142

Harm (H) was assigned TAD from JAG to an air squad with his old buddy Cmdr Scott Webster and ended up defending him on fraternization charges trumped up by Lt Mantei a pilot who Webster passed over for assignment to the Joint Strike Fighter project. During his defense H looked at Webster’s computer and found an email from Ciecle Tech, negotiating payment for stealth paint. He couldn’t do anything about what he thought was espionage because it was privileged Lawyer-Client information. Webster’s son, Bill, who had been estranged from him, all of a sudden turned positive and testified for his father.
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Guilt – 138

[A very “contrived” plot with blatantly unrealistic actions and outcomes.]

Mac (M) and Gunny (G) are still TAD onboard ship from JAG. She was sent to secure the release, from civilian authority, of Cpl Lassiter who had been arrested for rape in Aceh Province. The corrupt police chief, Jarot, shook M down for a bribe and the only thing of value that she had was Brumby’s (Brum) engagement ring. An angry mob besieged the US consulate setting off an explosion and they were eventually ordered to evacuate. While they were undertaking procedures for burning records, one of the mob dropped a grenade killing Gunny Sgt Simpkins and blinding his second in command. The ambassador, Raymon Dart, wanted to give Cpl lassiter (who actually turned out to be guilty) to the mob as a “diplomatic solution.” Mac was senior officer.
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