Dungaree Justice – 73

[A follow-up to the episode where Mac confessed to killing her estranged ex-con husband]

Mattoni prosecuted Mac (M) for “lying” in the court-martial of her and her ex-CO, John Farrow, over the death of Christopher Ragle her estranged, (but not divorced) ex-con, husband. Harm (H) defended her arguing that it wasn’t to avoid punishment or even germane to the case because they were wrongly charged so it didn’t rise to the level of perjury. Adm Morris agreed and sent her to Captains mast before Chegwidden (C) who wasn’t very happy. He chewed her out for not only lying but for not trusting him and making him think she had murdered her husband. He said he was withdrawing his recommendation for her early promotion to Lt Colonel and would dismiss her from JAG if she ever lied again.
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The Black Jet – 71

Jack Keeter (Harm’s (H) old roommate, rescued from Cuba) had multiple severe computer malfunctions while flying recon over Iran in a stealth F117. Under a plan of Webb’s (W), he was looking for reported nuclear weapons using new technology which allowed the Stealth to automatically land on a carrier. He was able to land in Iran and walk out to prevent anyone from finding the Stealth; but, he had been found by the Iranians and taken to prison. JAG officers Brumby (Brum), who had previous assignments in Iran, and Mac (M) were assigned to help defend Keeter in court. Brumby magnanimously deferred to H which prompted M to tell him that she didn’t “hold hard feelings” for him trying to pin a murder charge on her.
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