Meltdown – Part 2 – 179

[This is a complicated JAG sequel, with the NCIS cast, written by Bellisario. It is a fast paced, complex, detailed, convoluted dual plot with segways and lots of electronics. It didn’t use JAG background music and was very difficult to synthesize into this summary.]

The obsessive compulsive, no people skilled, Lt Cdr. Faith Coleman was assigned as Harm’s (H) JAG defense counsel. She tried to steam roll over H until he backed her down. She resented his “job interview” questions and claimed that she had nine homicide defenses, all wins. He essentially told her to “sit down, I hope your legal arguments are as squared away as your briefcase.” Gibb met Maj McBurney, the prosecuting attorney, who called it a “slam dunk”; and when Gibb told him that “I only got him because he was protecting his brother,” McBurney said not to show “that kind of doubt” on the stand. Gibb said he was in a hurry to get the case over with. McBurney was doing his pistol quals and placed all shots in the head, because “it cuts down on appeals.” McBurney was assigned Hs office by Chegwidden (C), and Coleman, Manetti’s office. Harm told Coleman that he had met with Singer and argued, she left, he followed, argued some more in her car, phoned his brother Sergei using his cell phone so he could see her eyes when she told him it wasn’t his baby, because he rarely believed anything S said.
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Ice Queen – Part 1 – 178

[This is a complicated conjoint JAG show with NCIS. Lots of electronics and fast paced legal posturing.]

Tommy, A boy scout, missed his target and shot his arrow into the woods, hitting a decomposed body. Agent Gibbs and Blackadder of NCIS investigated. Gibbs told Tommy he could “shut out” any bad dreams, claiming that he had seen something terrible when he was young and done it. He gave Tommy his card and hat and promised a tour of the department. They found a decomposed body with it’s face eaten away by crows; but, not its hands or feet. Blackadder, bantering with agent Dinozzo, revealed that her brother had died in the attack on the USS Cole. The Medical Examiner, called Ducky, estimated the death to be about 3 weeks previous. The body was a blond, pregnant, JAG officer. The first of many odd “flashback” type episodes (shown in posturization effect and apparently representing the view of the corpse) seemed to prompt Gibbs that the body hadn’t been dropped there but had floated into the trees. They were all shown letting themselves through security into MTAC, where they watched as Amad Ben Atwa was captured. He was the terrorist who had given explosives and money to Hasan Mohammed who had then executed the attack on the Cole. Blackadder demanded that she be allowed “in on the kill” and Gibbs faced her down that the agency wasn’t for her personal revenge and she better “get it” or pack up and leave. They had a discussion about obtaining the baby’s DNA to “finger” a suspect at JAG – and Blackadder was the only one who worried that it was illegal to use military DNA for anything but ID’ing military personnel. Gibb’s intended to use it, if he could. They found a metallic sliver embedded in corpse’s skull.
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Boomerang – Part 2 – 101

[Continuation of a confusing (on many levels) but somewhat key episode, written by the JAG series creator. See that episode’s synopses for explaination of the characters and plot to date.]

Brumby (Brum) continued to bait JAG officer Harm (H) with his insipid smirk, especially regarding Mac (M) and rubbing oil on her etc. Harm had to dress in a wig for the Austrailian court then right out of the box embarrassed Brum for his lack of providing even proof of death. The judge chastised Brum and gave the custody of Lee to the defense on the desertion charge. Outside the court, Lee was attacked by, Barry Toohey, the former friend of Dunsmore’s who had been keeping watch when Dunsmore had gone to attack Lee. Harm pulled Toohey off Lee, then Lee hit Toohey. Brumby pulled Toohey off then stared at Harm. They both said “let go” and did, then reared back to take a swing at each other. Seeing it, Bud (B) jumped in the middle and was slugged from both directions breaking his jaw in two places.
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Boomerang – Part 1 – 100

[A confusing but somewhat key JAG episode written by the series creator.]

During the Vietnam war PO Kevin Lee of the USS Chicago and Ian Dunsmore of the Australian Navy had a fight over Dunsmore’s old girlfriend, Jenny Brooker, when the Chicago docked in Sydney Australia. Jealous, Dunsmore, with his buddies, started a fight then continued it alone on an amusement park dock. Dunsmore pulled a switchblade then was killed in the tussle when they both fell on his knife. Lee, having been forced to marry a girl who was pregnant in Tennessee decided to switch identities with Dunsmore and married Jenny under the name Tom Kingsley. After living in Woolgoolga, in the bush, they eventually moved to Sydney and opened the Uluru restaurant. When their home was burgled a policeman recognized Jenny then eventually arrested “Dunsmore” aka Lee aka Kingsley. He said that he wouldn’t talk until JAG was called so Brumby (Brum), the prosecutor, called Chegwidden (C) to request that Harm (H) and Bud (B) come down to handle the case. Mac (M) was upset that Brum would “sink so low” because he had been trying to get her to Australia ever since he had left. He offered plane tickets and sent her water temperature Emails daily. Then, knowing she wasn’t requested, she was really upset- Harm said: “he’s one smart dingo.”
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Soul Searching – 83

Harm’s (H) Corvette was stolen and he got hung up in the telephone menus to the police when trying to report it. Brumby (Brum) flippantly told H that it probably had been chopped up so “just let it go.” Mac (M) finally helped H report it to a detective friend of hers who didn’t hold much hope either. Harriet (Ht) drug Bud (B) to car lots in order to buy a minivan for their upcoming baby. She succumbed to a hot shot salesman and wanted a van with all the bells and whistles which cost more than B made in a year.
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Gypsy Eyes – 64

[The long awaited follow-up from the JAG last season’s cliffhanger which left Harm and Mac in Russia flying their stolen MIG into a cloud and followed immediately by a missile which exploded. Probably the most pivotal episode in the entire series and includes many of the Russian characters we have met over the past years, unknowingly a prelude to this episode. It has a somewhat complicated plot with difficulties in understanding all the motives; but, provides “closure” to at least one of the sub-plots – or does it?]

Before the missiles hit them Harm (H) and Mac (M) in their stolen russian MIG, they went into a cloud and punched out! A gypsy brother and sister, Vasya and Ruszka, found H hanging in a tree, conconscious and without his helmit and tried to steal his silk parachute. Harm was rescued from a knife fight with Vasya by M who hadn’t gotten hung up in a tree and had a gun and money for a bribe.
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Death Watch – 57

[An important JAG episode which explains Harms back-story on Diane Shonke as well as flushing out Krennick’s story using flashbacks. It also gave producers the ability to use much of the footage shot for the final episode of year one but never shown due to cancellation of the series by NBC]

JAG officer Harmon Rabb (H) looked at his letters, cards and memorabilia about Diane Shonke, his former girlfriend who had been murdered – and who was the “spitting image” of his current partner Mac (M). As he was loading his weapon, M came to his apartment for a planned working dinner. He tried to put her off but she saw the weapon, the pictures of Diane and demanded an explanation. Harm told her the story (with flashbacks).
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Ghost Ship – 39

[A very pivotal JAG episode in that Harm finds critical information which eventually leads to him finding closure about his father. Not only with an artifact but with “networking” into the KGB. Written by the series creator, Donald Bellasario]

Alameda county was trying to raise the money to refurbish and keep up the mothballed carrier, USS Hornet, for use as a museum. Two fortune seekers, Sibby Le Negro and Andy Kochifis, were cut torching into the “void” between the inner and outer hulls for possible artifacts when they found the skeleton of Lt Brian Tate, who had served with Harm’s (H) father. Tate was clutching a “Skoshi Tiger” patch worn by Vietnamese F-5 pilots and wearing an unmarked “go to hell” watch. The JAG, Chegwidden (C), sent Harm and Mac (M) to investigate and Bud (B) reluctantly stayed behind for research. Harm remembered his childhood visit to the Hornet with his father when he got to set in a cockpit.
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We the People – 25

[A bit ‘far fetched’; but none-the-less a significant episode in that Mac’s history and family is further elucidated. Unfortunately, it was never followed up on except a cursory tangential mention. This episode also introduced Hs new partner and an explanation for a frequently used ‘excuse’ for his odd personal behaviors.]

JAG officer Harm (H) was presented with the Distinguished Flying Cross by President Clinton for rescuing the unconscious Capt Thomas Boon (the CAG) and landing on a carrier despite his ‘night blindness’. Bud Roberts, (B) attending law school at night, was introduced as a new JAG assistant in Hs section. He had been recommended by Meg (Mg) before she left. Sarah Mackenzie (M) was introduced as Hs new associate, to replace Meg. Clinton told H that he may single-handedly give lawyers a good name and when B acted the “doofus,” Chegwidden (C) had to tell him that “joking was Admiral’s Privilege.”
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Skeleton Crew – 22

[A “cliff hanger” which, because the show was cancelled by NBC, was not aired – until it was syndicated by the USA channel. To date it is still rarely, if ever, shown; and, I’ve just now seen it on the season one DVD. Catherine Bell, who played Lt Shoenke, only had a very brief role – but she was later brought back as “Mac,” who was then explained as “a dead ringer for Diane.” Patrick L. who had been in the pilot but took another position before the show was picked up, is now back in the series as Bud Roberts.]

Lt. Diane Shoenke, Jr. OOD, left the just-returned-from-deployment USS Seahawk (CVN-65) after standing mid-watch the first night back in port. She was pursued by Lt. Lamm who was upset that chief Bannon had let her off the ship in the Officer of the watch, Bud Roberts (B), absence. The next morning, while eating breakfast at a shore diner, B and Bannon found Shoenke shot dead in her car. Brian Turque (Tq) (pronounced turkey by everyone but himself) was the NCIS agent aboard the Seahawk investigating the case when Harm (H) and Meg (Mg) showed up under the JAG, Chegwidden’s (C) orders. Harm was visibly shaken and told Mg that he and Shoenke had been in the Academy together and were supposed to have had dinner together last night except she called to postpone due to mid-watch. Turque demanded H to pull off the case but was told that she had been “like a sister and I’m not leaving the murder investigation to someone who jumps to conclusions as much as you!” Then, to further her own political agenda Krennick (K) devised a plan that she would go be “lead” and H would “be under me” in the investigation. Cyhegwidden agreed and had to tell her that she was “sitting him my chair!”
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Survivors – 18

[A bit of an unusual JAG episode of a paranormal bent]

Col Matt Anderson’s son Trevor was being moved away from his father by his divorced mother. The boy began calling his father by a private nickname known between only his father and his father’s childhood/marine buddy, “digger.” That was so unusal, Anderson believed that somehow “Digger” must be speaking to him through his son. The Col hadn’t been able to keep a promise that he had made to “digger” which was to bring him back from Vietnam. Without consent of Anderson’s former wife, her attorney obtained an arrest warrant for the Col who was trying to take Trevor back to their boyhood cabin in order to somehow fulfill his promise.
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Hemlock – 15

JAG officer Meg (Mg) accidentally received a fax of “Shepard’s” itinerary from someone who was breaking into the British Naval Intelligence building to use their computers. He was nearly caught and had transposed the last two numbers of the fax number he was sending. Harm (H) went for a check-ride until about noon which really “ticked-off” Krennick (K) who was burying them with scut work from another agency which had “overflow,” in order to make points. Harm and Mg figured that “Shepard” must be some dignitary, and possibly classified, so he locked it in the safe while he went to lunch with an Annapolis friend, now in intelligence, Bruce Carmichael.
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Smoked – 14

[The new JAG, Chegwidden is introduced as well as Krennick’s stated intentions regarding Harm. The character Carlos Fuente’s is introduced played by Bernard White who would also play Sadik Fahd in later episodes.]

Krennick (K) was sexually harassing Harm (H) in her new job as aid to the new JAG, A. J. Chegwidden. “AJ” as he is called, was head of JAG in the pacific. He was a former SEAL in Vietnam who transferred to the fleet to command a destroyer then got a law degree and joined JAG. Krennick said that he had “gone from one branch of the service to the next, surfing the crest of them all.” She said that he eventually wanted the CNO position, like Adm. Arleigh Burke, who was chosen over the heads of many others by the president because he was “aggressive.” Krennick said that because H was the “shining star” he was a threat to her ambitions. When H said “I’m not that good or ambitious” she said “that is one of the reasons I want to sleep with you,” and “as long a you serve under me, you’ll have a tough time earning a sea scout badge.”
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