The Guardian – 35

JAG officer Harm (H) defended Paul Bauwer, a homeless former SEAL who killed three convenience store robbers/murderers in order to protect his son, Marty, who was playing a video game in the store. Bauwer had been MIA for 4 years as a POW and his personnel file was mostly sealed. Bauwer had gone AWOL from a psyc evaluation nine years previously for nearly killing a man who Bauwer had claimed was stalking his wife. He now watched his son anonymously while he was living on the street. He fled to a church where Bud (B) just happened to be praying about not having studied for his final law exam.
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Full Engagement – 31

[We learn more back story about Harm and his flying family as he and Mac get better acquainted.]

Harm (H) talked Mac (M) into “playing hooky” from JAG and going with him flying in his Stearman over the Appalachian mountains. He let her fly and laughed as she got it into a power dive then delayed pulling it out to frighten her. They had engine trouble and had to land in an open field with a split fuel line. Harm wanted to stay near the plane but M insisted on looking for a cabin and marched off by herself until H followed. They heard gunshots which turned out to be three redneck poachers killing a game warden. When the leader of the group tried to tell H that he had bought the warden’s jeep in an auction, H asked about the police radio too. One poacher took a shot at them so they fled to the jeep and tried to hot wire it mid a hailstorm of gunfire. Mac returned fire with her flare gun as H stole the fuel line from the jeep. Mac was shot in the leg and H carried her to safety as they set the jeep on fire. They used brandy to “sterilize the wound” but she got infected anyway. They built a shelter for the night and M blamed H for caring more about his plane, Sarah, than he did for them getting out. H revealed that his grandfather had earned his wings in a Stearman like that and had been “killed flying off the Hornet in ’42.” His grandmother had kept it under a tarp, and he and his dad were going to restore it; but, his dad was shot down in Vietnam. After Hs “night blindness” crash he spent time with his grandmother and restored the plane – “it was like dad was with me.”
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Trinity – 24

A baby, Jimmy Nevins/Barnes, the son of Lt Linda Nevins (daughter of Adm Nevins of SINC-PAC) and IRA member Lorcan Barnes (the ghost) was kidnapped from military base. The kidnapper left a poem, which was a favorite of Barnes, that seemed to be an indication Barnes had the baby without actually saying it. JAG officers Harm (H) and Mac (M) were sent to investigate and were met at the airport by Detective Jonathan Graham of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) who took them to headquarters where they walked in on Inspector Vincent Hutchinson interrogating Linda Nevins. Incensed, H stopped Hutchinson leaving M to talk to Nevins. Hutchinson told Nevins that Barnes wanted the baby for a human shield which Nevins knew was completely absurd. Hutchinson told H that finding the baby was just “complicating the matter” of finding “the likes of Barnes.” H replied that “the baby IS the matter.”
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Jinx – 27

[Another very complicated JAG plot]

JAG officer Bud (B) answered his cell phone while flying with Harm (H) in his stearman. Mac (M) asked them to meet her and then told H that Lt Tess McKee had been killed when her F-14 hit a flock of birds during a low level flight practice mission and had spun into the ocean. McKee had held on long enough for her RIO, Lt Peter Ayers, to eject. She had been recommended, by several members of congress, to be appointed as the first female member of the Blue Angels.
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Ares – 21

[A interesting episode even though it is only marginally believable. Campisano was played by the same actor who would later go on to become the weenie JAG lawyer, Lt Yuen. Also, cockpit footage was used (intentional or not) of a pilot with “Pendry” on his helmet.]

JAG officer Harm (H) was in Okinawa in his Hawaiian shirt making a flight layover while on vacation; when, Lt Kate Pike (P) came aboard, at the request of Chegwidden (C), to extract him into a murder investigation. Lt Mason had been chasing a teen thief when his shipmate, Lt Donovan, found him dead with a “Yankee go home” sign on his neck. Pike said that she had become expert into turning temporary assignments into semi-permanent exile, having been in Okinawa for over 6 months. Donovan had shipped out to war games so H and Pike shuttled out to the Destroyer, USS Daniel Boone, with Mason’s replacement, Lt Cdr Gino Campisano. They met Pike’s old partner, Cdr Brockman, already aboard the ship; and, who quickly became a pain in the ass, lording his rank over H at every chance. Pike admitted to having an affair with him but broke it off after he wanted to get married. Brockman was still pursuing her however. Campisano bragged to H that he had been the one who had trained Mason on the new ARES system which only 3 or 4 people knew how to run. It was a prototype navigation and combat computer system which could recognize, track and destroy targets by automating nearly every aspect of ships functions (all except conventional radar and ships com) – even locking doors!
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Recovery – 19

The US recon satellite over China failed and a replacement satellite was launched but failed to reach proper orbit. The next Space Shuttle mission which was supposed to test High Energy Light experiments (laser) was transferred into a repair mission with a 3 day window of opportunity. During the launch there was a main engine breech which was supposed to become fatal in 60 seconds (but never did and was never explained) and required all the astronauts to use their escape baskets on a wire. During the escape the pilot, Cdr Atkins, fell to his death requiring Lt. Cdr. Mark Lowrey, the backup pilot, to take over. JAG officers Harm (H) and Meg (Mg) came to the launch site to investigate, much to Atkins dismay.
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Survivors – 18

[A bit of an unusual JAG episode of a paranormal bent]

Col Matt Anderson’s son Trevor was being moved away from his father by his divorced mother. The boy began calling his father by a private nickname known between only his father and his father’s childhood/marine buddy, “digger.” That was so unusal, Anderson believed that somehow “Digger” must be speaking to him through his son. The Col hadn’t been able to keep a promise that he had made to “digger” which was to bring him back from Vietnam. Without consent of Anderson’s former wife, her attorney obtained an arrest warrant for the Col who was trying to take Trevor back to their boyhood cabin in order to somehow fulfill his promise.
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Hemlock – 15

JAG officer Meg (Mg) accidentally received a fax of “Shepard’s” itinerary from someone who was breaking into the British Naval Intelligence building to use their computers. He was nearly caught and had transposed the last two numbers of the fax number he was sending. Harm (H) went for a check-ride until about noon which really “ticked-off” Krennick (K) who was burying them with scut work from another agency which had “overflow,” in order to make points. Harm and Mg figured that “Shepard” must be some dignitary, and possibly classified, so he locked it in the safe while he went to lunch with an Annapolis friend, now in intelligence, Bruce Carmichael.
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Pilot Error – 7

Lt Lucas Pendry, JAG officer Harmon Rabb’s (H) old roommate, was killed during testing maneuvers of a aircraft guidance system built for the air force but, because of budgetary reasons, was being “pushed” on the Navy. As he came over the ridge hugging the ground on APTURN autopilot he was inverted and was being blamed for causing the accident by turning off equipment in order to win the scenario. James Reid, Macroplex representative, clearly announced himself as the champion of APTURN which couldn’t be at fault and he would do anything to prove it. Reid tried to embarrass H by “letting slip” his friendship for the dead pilot and his family. After apologizing to Meg (Mg) for not disclosing his relationship they began trying to prove what really happened; because, knowing Pendry, he wouldn’t have been that stupid to fly inverted over rough terrain 500 feet off the ground!
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