Overdue & Presumed Lost – 108

[A barely believable episode with inconsistencies; but it was dedicated to all USN submariners on the event of the 100th anniversary of the first USN sub.]

On 5 Dec 1941 the USS Dolphin, a submarine on patrol, spotted the “entire Jap fleet,” 45 miles NW of Hawaii. They stayed on the surface, despite being discovered and shelled, until their warning radio message to Pearl Harbor was received. Fifty-nine years later the sound of a sunken ships hull was picked up on sonar listening devices and triangulated to the last known location of the Dolphin. Self claimed archeologist/treasure hunter, Jack Riggins, immeditately ran to the site and “dropped his flag” claiming in court, “finders keepers.” Riggin’s attorney, Stewart Grossman, told Chegwidden (C) that “the judges down here are different” than what he was used to. Admiral Matthew Stanton, an old friend of Cs represented the SECNAV and interests of the submarine community. Chegwidden told Harm (H) that a privilege of rank is the “opportunity to squash parasites like Riggin’s myself.” He assigned H to fill in for him at his budget hearings saying “last time you got the funds to repair your holes in the courtroom ceiling.”
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Promises – 104

[A weakly written, mostly unbelievable episode; but which “set up” the base for future “back-story” episodes.]

Renee’s recruitment video was unveiled- (not containing any shot of the Washington monument at “magic hour”, and mostly voice over shots of sub’s, jets, and “exciting stuff.”) Chegwidden (C) noticed for Harm (H) that Renee, Leatham (L) and Mac (M) were talking in a group and the only thing they had in common was HIM. Seaman Andrea Granato walked off the USS Hartung after continually being given grunt work by an apparently sexist chief. Then her equally sexist female CO charged her with desertion for missing ships deployment. Harm was assigned defense and M prosecution. Singer (S) volunteered to help H but C denied the request and instead gave her the prosecution of a “joyriding” PO.
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Ghosts of Christmas Past – 96

[A well written JAG role playing episode]

JAG officer Harmon Rabb (H) did his annual pilgrimage to the Vietnam Memorial wall in memory of his father and met Jenny Lake there who was a former USO singer, (played by Mac (M), with her voice altered). Lake told H about her experience with Hs father aboard the Ticonderoga back when he was shot down. Mikey played ensign Kyle Everett, PR officer; “Rick” (from Magnum PI) played Harvey Bambini, their road manager; Big Bud was Jerry Colonna; Teddy was Les brown; Harriett was Phyllis Diller; congresswoman Latham Dianna Ross; Harm Rabb Senior; Bud – “Hoot” Rabb’s RIO; SECNAV Mort Reese, reporter; Brumby CAG (voice dubbed); Gunny Joe Garcia, intruder pilot; Palmer – “Tong“, Badman 2 in Rabb’s squad; Chegwidden – a “slow” southern sailor who gave directions to Jenny Lake; Osborn – an old grateful sailor who said thanks to Lake at the wall; Singer – “JoJo” who put down Tong while he was chatting her up; and, Tiner Archie, a sailor who chatted up other troop members by lying to them.
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The Colonel’s Wife – 93

A drug bust found a package with a return address of Olivia Banning, the wife of the Colonel in charge of drug interdiction in Panama. JAG officers Harm (H) and Mac (M) were sent undercover to investigate Colonel Bradley Dunston and his wife, the former Olivia Banning, for sending drugs in a diplomatic pouch as cigars. The NCIS agent Grondyke condescendingly assisted them posing as civilian “inspectors.” Harm got photo’s of Banning meeting a known drug dealer, Carlos Rojas who was working for the Sauteras “family.” Grondyke had a wiretap recording of an affectionate call between Rojas and Banning and them arranging a meeting at night. Harm had the idea to have Bernado, an informant, tell Dunston of a drug “meeting” at the same time as his wife’s “affair” meeting with Rojas to see if he “took bait” and was “dirty” too.
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True Callings – 88

[Episode based on the Mar 10th, 1967 incident where USAF Capt Robert Pardo used his F4 Phantom to push a fellow aviator from North Vietnam into friendly territory.]

Gunny Victor Galindez (G) arrived at JAG with everyone but Tiner (Ti) and Bud’s (B) blessings. Chegwidden (C) said he was having trouble obtaining two Limp Bizket tickets for a charity auction and G said he might be able to obtain them. Both B and Ti decided to “one-up” G and get the tickets themselves. Chegwidden enjoyed the competition. Tiner and B bid against each other on EBay until B won at $200. Bud kept telling G that he couldn’t sit at different desks around JAG until G said that he’d sit on the floor thereby shaming him into letting him sit at Harriet’s (Ht) empty desk. Mac (M) told B that “Tiner was a child but you’re not.” Gunny obtained the tickets “comp” from a roady friend – B got the donation receipt. Mac seemed very subdued; especially when C didn’t acknowledge her efforts getting G to come to JAG.
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King of the Greenie Board – 86

[DJEs contract renewed and he is now on a carrier flying F14s as “Pappy”]

Harm (H) is on the carrier Patrick Henry flying F14s with Skates as his RIO. He suffered a bird strike and was streaming fuel so needed an emergency refueling. Lt. Andrew Buxton, (known as X-man) although almost empty himself, broke off from the tanker so H could refuel and said he “had plenty” despite suggestion that they both wait for the next tanker. Harm did a single engine, hard, landing on the 3 wire and Buxton hooked the 1 wire after an engine flame out. Harm had 6 straight “green” landings and was catching Buxton on the “greenie board” a running summary of their landings. Buxton reveled that he was the “king” of the “greenie board” and referred to himself in the 3rd person as “the X-man.” Captain Pike, the CAG, chewed Buxton out for not waiting for more fuel. A real fleet JAG “weenie,” Lt. Aldridge, briefed the pilots on the rules of engagement in real “gobbledegook” language such that Buxton asked “and if we have to scratch our 6 do we have to phone the president?” After Aldridge left, the CAG told them that “if a MIG is on your 6 and locks you WILL see a missile come off its rails.”
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