Collision Course – 123

During war games involving Greece and the US, Capt James Merrick came out of a fog bank and closed in on the Greek Gelibolu to shoot, just as it turned into them. Not able to avoid collision, they rammed leaving seven dead and two missing. Harm (H) and Mac’s (M) JAG investigation found that culpability rested more with the Greeks who were feuding with the Turks. However, the SECNAV, yet again acting like an ass, circumvented their opinion and demanded that Merrick be prosecuted. He lied to them by claiming that the other countries were also charging their captains, and then demanded that Chegwidden (C) prosecute personally because he didn’t trust H and M to win. Chegwidden appointed H and M to defend and called the ships XO to testify against Merrick. Merrick seemed to be determined to fall on his own sword. In actuality, a third ship, Turkish, were making claims that the Greek ship was in their waters (an uninhabited rock). The Turk and Creek captains had a long standing animosity and an 8 minute “pissing” contest ensued before the Turks tried to ram the Greek ship causing them to then turn into the US ship. Harm and M impeached the Greek and Turk captains for their own dereliction on the stand. However, Merrick wouldn’t let H also impeach his XO claiming that “it would ruin his career.” Instead, he told H to go to C and “get a plea.”
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Flight Risk – 114

[A barely believable episode and not at all the type of JAG episode we are accustomed to.]

Tiner (Ti) looked through a college catalogue for classes to complete his bachelor’s degree thinking of going to law school. Then he commented to Gunny (G) that he thought that being a lawyer was too calm and peaceful using the office as an example of people being so “nice.” Gunny complimented him on his powers of observation. Renee showed a sneak preview of her election commercial for Bobbi Latham to the JAG crew but it was all about anti-military spending and fell flat. She said they weren’t her target audience. Harm (H) hadn’t heard from Sergei (Sg) in two weeks. Renee still nagged Harm to tell his mother about his half-brother Sergei. After all she had raised H alone so “probably wouldn’t break.” He came home one evening to find his mother and Renee in his apartment. Hs mother was on her way back from Venice where she renewed her vows with Frank, her new husband. Renee told H to ask them “where Frank bought their ring.” Harm might have told his mother about Sergei but she revealed that she had “grieved all over again” when she found out that H had evidence he was really dead.
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