Dream Team – 226

Petty Officer Ferro caught PO Sanhuinius stealing a candy bar from their ships store; then suffered continual harassment after that because Sanhuinius was twice his size. After shore leave from the USS Carl Vincent in Japan, Sanhuinius picked another fight. Ferro knocked him out and later Sanhuinius died. The captain requested JAG to investigate. Vukovick (V) told Cresswell (Cr) that he didn’t need any help defending; but, Cr said “I think you do” and assigned Harm (H) as the 2nd chair. Vukovic played the same arrogance with H that he had with Mac (M) and H set him in his place; but V spit back. Barnes, the original prosecutor, went to Iraq & Bud (B) was assigned to take his place. V kept showing his arrogance & inexperience, H kept bringing him back on track and B became annoyed about them being “buddies” – the “dream team.”
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San Diego – 222

[Apparently this was supposed to be an important JAG episode on several levels]

Cresswell (Cr) held his annual JAG conference in San Diego instead of Washington and relied on Cathy Graves (Gr) as his “advance person” and Lt. Tali Mayfield (Mf) as a keynote speaker on “the JAG involvement in combat operations.” Turner (T) and Bud (B) were left behind “for trials” but then not seen again. Harm (H) was made “acting” JAG and stayed behind. He was shown exhibiting much more trust for Ts opinion than T ever showed for his. Mac (M) prosecuted Corporal Caden Duran who was accused of manslaughter when a civilian in a mob he was trying to control died. Vukovic (V) defended and Mf was assigned as 2nd chair. Cr told them “you have a history” but “consider this a test that neither of you wants to fail.”Vukovic was his usual arrogant, smug and pontifical self throughout, demanding his client not to accept a settlement which M had offered. Mf had to back V down just to be able to even hear the client get a chance to talk! Disagreements and condescending attitudes got to point where Mf told V “I don’t’ know which drives you more your ego or libido,” “It’s one thing to be cocky with your own life but quite another to showboat with someone else’s,” and “You don’t just use people, you use people UP.”
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Bridging the Gulf – 220

[Yet another episode with barely believable dialog and contrived conflict. New cast member touted as “the new Harm” (DJE leaving the show after this season) shown to be unethical, inconsiderate, full of himself –  the complete antithesis of Harm; neither he or Cresswell are believable characters]

Lt. Vukovick (V) arrived at JAG, knocked into Mac (M) flinging her papers, ogled her while he helped pick them up and announced that “I’m the new guy.” Cresswell (Cr) assigned him to second M in the case of Gunnery Sergeant Genuzzi who was charged with illegally commandeering a civilian vehicle in Iraq. Vukovic came in late, brusquely acknowledged Tali Mayfield (Mf), prosecutor, then led and directed Genuzzi in telling his story. Genuzzi said that his (Lt. Revere’s) vehicle had broken down and they had time sensitive intel; so, when a local, Azzam, came down the road after curfew in a SUV they commandeered it. Azzam became belligerent and drew a crowd so they drew weapons. Revere was killed in the vehicle by a land mine. V tried to push him to say that Lt. Revere had ordered him to take the vehicle, but Genuzzi refused. Mac asked Cr if V had “any experience with litigation at all” [he certainly was unbelievable to the audience) and, unbelievably, Cr said: “he’s got something better, he’s got fire in the belly, and we need that around here.” Then Cr played his tiresome manipulation game of “can’t you handle it M.”
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Camp Delta – 214

[When a protagonist just sit’s and takes abuse, not offering defense arguments which are blatantly obvious, it makes the plot line seem arbitrary and “forced” and the JAG characters weak. I didn’t like the arrogant Spinoza when he played on Murphy Brown either!]

An angry, verbally abusive, history teacher started an argument with JAG officer Bud Roberts(B) and Mikey (Mk) while they were shopping for shoes. Flailing his arms in histrionics, the man appeared to be striking Mk with a shoe so B defended his brother by slugging the man. B was then tried for assault. Creswell (Cr) was pissed that B hadn’t told him of the incident and ordered Turner (T) to defend him, saying: “make it go away,” then “you’ll have to answer to me when it’s over.” The prosecuting attorney was shown with smug arrogance and the judge was clearly biased against B in nearly every objection T made. Big Bud (BB) “chatted up” the court reporter, then told T that the judge hated the military for getting her son killed. Mk testified that he never felt in danger (so B had over-reacted), and Harriet testified that when B got angry he got “that pouty face.” When the prosecutor and judge seemed to be colluding to make B out to be an aggressor, with a history of temper outbursts, T asked for a mistrial. The judge angrily denied the request, threatening T with contempt for insulting her. Then, completely out of character with how she had acted the whole trial, the judge “magically” reversed her antagonistic attitude and judged that B had acted reasonably in defense of his brother when he had seen the shoe raised; but, then she called and tattled to Cr, recommending “anger management courses for B.” She told T that her “son had been killed, but her daughter was still serving.” Cr ordered B to attend the classes without even talking to him about it.
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Retrial – 210

[Turner is still acting JAG, Mac is still crusty with Harm and Bellisario is still giving them “soft” (non-action) cases. They also seem to have replaced the “love distraction,” which Mac has lost, with one for Harm, preventing them from reconciling their differences.]

A legal student, Rachel Hanna, uncovered new DNA evidence which she felt proved that Saul Wainwright hadn’t committed the murder of a transvestite hooker, Tamaray, for which he had been a prisoner in Leavenworth for 22 years. With her professor, Alicia Montez [the new “interest” for Harm], she convinced Harm (H) to review the case at JAG and intervene. But, H felt that Tamaray’s blood on Wainwright’s knife, the knife cut on his face and his prints on the knife, all proved that Wainwright was guilty. Wainwright claimed, however, that when he was in the alley, and had realized that Tamaray was a transvestite, he wouldn’t pay, so Tamaray pulled his knife and cut Wainwright on the face. He said that defending himself, he had wrestled with Tamaray, and the knife accidentally stabbed Tamaray once. He then ran and threw the knife away. Unexplainedly, however, Tamaray had been stabbed 12 times. Hanna found that there had been another murder of a prostitute the following day, by someone named Waldo Sapphire; and, although Sapphire had died in prison, she subpoenaed his shirt and found Tamaray’s DNA on it. H realized that, after this length of time, only the president could order another retrial; but, Turner (T) said he wouldn’t go to the line for H, unless he had more than the DNA evidence – even when H asked him to “trust me.”
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People vs. SecNav – 196

[This would be classified as a pretty far-fetched JAG episode if it just wasn’t that the depiction of the Frenchman was too close to be funny. He is just the type who would make secret arms deals with the Iraqi tyrant; then, try to mask his vested interest behind a feigned moral principle, at the US’s expense.]

A Platoon of the 1st marine division was pinned down by cross fire coming from a Tikifa hospital. They called for air support but there were secondary explosions and several civilian buildings were destroyed. The Athens bar association filed a complaint with the international criminal court charging the US president, Secretary of Defense, SECNAV and others with war crimes – calling it the “Iraqi incursion.” Even though the JAG, Chegwidden (C), said it was meaningless because the US didn’t recognize the court, the SECNAV said the Clinton administration was shifting policy and he had chosen, himself, to go to the Hague and answer the charges in order to “improve the US image” with the rest of the world. Thirty two civilians were killed (18 patients in the hospital) so Mac (M) said “if we lose we will be branded an outlaw nation by the entire civilized world.” Afterwards, Harm (H) teased her for being “too dramatic.” Mac, H and Bud (B) were summoned to the white house where Marcia Wheatstone, an advisor, said she disagreed with the decision; but, had set up meetings for them with Justice, Defense and State.
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Lifeline – 131

[An important JAG series episode]

Throughout the engagement party given by the JAG, Chegwidden (C), for Mac (M) and Brumby (Brum), Harm (H) and M end up on the front porch reminiscing about their relationship and trying to understand here-to-fore unasked questions. Brum was shown warning Renee not to interrupt H and Ms “talks” by saying “we will have them for a long time. Let them say their good bye’s.” Frustratingly, not all the questions were answered as both H and M were shown still not fully wanting to be open with each other. Flashbacks (which seemed to be more than just lazy writers tricks) were used to show:
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Liberty – 128

[An interesting episode which co-starred the REAL navy JAG as a walk-on.]

On liberty in Matzatlan from the Wake Island Mikey (Mk) bought Colina Ojeda (prostitute) a drink. She asked to dance and her “boyfriend” Efran Minas came in and began hitting her. Mikey was pulled into a fight when he tried to defend Colina. The shore patrol was called and when Minas died Mikey was charged. Lt Ferrari (JAG in San Diego) offered a plea bargain of three yrs for negligent homicide before Mikey was even assigned an attorney. Harm (H) asked for the assignment after Chegwidden (C) denied Bs request. Chegwidden relented to H that B take 2nd chair but said “keep him out of trouble.”
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Drop Zone – 105

Five brand new jumpers exited the plane 800 meters short of their drop zone, with 75# of gear and 65# of parachute, landing unexpectedly in the water. Senior Chief PO Braken was jump-master and was court-martialed for culpable negligence. He claimed that the “jump light” had been green when he sent the men out, but the pilot claimed that he had realized they had been short and had not flipped it to green. JAG officer’s Bud (B) was assigned to defend, with Singer (S) as second chair, against Mac’s (M) prosecution. Mac had taken a long time drafting the charges and when PO Comstock died she amended the charges to involuntary manslaughter. Harm (H) explained that was what attorneys did when the outcome of a victim was in question. They can delay up to the statute of limitations but couldn’t change it once they had tried a person for a lesser charge. PO Scaline said he jettisoned his gear before hitting the water but that Comstock had not. Comstock had been blue when retrieved from the water.
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People vs. Gunny – 102

Gunny (G) and his friend Manny were dropped off by a cab in front of a gay bar. A gay, Ed Proxy bumped into Manny who ridiculed gays. Proxy insulted right back and Manny pressed him against the wall. Gunny broke it up by holding Manny’s arms and the pathetic Proxy took a cheap shot and slugged Manny, kicking him in the groin. Gunny was defending Manny by slugging Proxy, when Tiner (Ti) came out of the bar, took a swing at G and was decked by him before Gunny could recognizing who he was. Mac (M) was all excited about her new ring and tried it on her left hand where it got stuck. She hid her hand from Harm (H) who came in asking her to take some cases for him while he was in Iceland. When she kept the ring hidden he advised her to put “shampoo on her finger” and the ring would come off. Renee called from Valencia California where she was directing a Demented Dead Souls video. She pushed him into saying he missed her, then made a date saying he had stood her up twice and only got one more chance.
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Mishap – 95

Elizabeth “Skates” Hawkes was acting as LSO (“Paddles”) when Lt Dalton Jonas crashed into the fantail of the USS Patrick Henry. In investigation Mac (M) thought she was “culpable” and Brumby (Brum) said she was “not.” Mac and Brum prosecute, Capt Ingles decided to hold court-martial and Harm (H) was assigned to defend her. Hawkes told H that Jonas was a “deck spotter” and didn’t fly the ball. “He eased the gun on final and then made a play for deck – he panicked.” She said that she didn’t want to send him around again because “he probably couldn’t keep it together.” However, she kept second guessing and blaming herself. Harm reminded her of when he grabbed her chute and kept her from going into the ocean and told her “I didn’t drop you then and I won’t drop you now.”
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Rogue – 92

Bud (B) was assigned as the JAG liaison to the ex-SEAL Jack Raglan who conducts “mock” terrorist activities on naval facilities in order to test security. General Otis Flannick arrogantly ignored Raglan’s breaking into and blowing up his base until Raglan added “believability” to it by adding public humiliation and “capturing” his wife from her shower. Bud hoped that would end his assignment but Chegwidden (C) told him that he was the most junior so he had to do it. Bud told Harm (H) that he didn’t think the sentries, with live ammunition, knew it was just a game so H went to talk with Raglan. During a manly hug Raglan stole Hs wallet – in order to teach him a lesson about security; but, H had already taken out his ID cards and lifted Raglan’s wallet as well. He said “fake left, go right” and reminded him of their football days together.
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The Return – 89

[Harm is back at JAG, but has lost the “fight for his client with the same tenacity he had as a naval aviator” as promised in the intro. The episode is about an emotionally abused child coping with continued abuse as an adult officer. And how easily, and insidiously, military justice can be perverted]

Harm (H) returned to JAG he said it felt like he “had left yesterday and been gone 100 years.” People didn’t know him and he missed most of the office “inside” joking around. Chegwidden (C) feigned being offended when H expected to do “scut work” like Mac (M) was forced to do after she had left then returned. “Do you think I would be so petty?” he asked as he assigned him a “good case” with a smirk- the SECNAVs son. Brumby (Brum) was in Hs old office and began baiting and pressing fights with H from the beginning.
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