Boot – 12

Private Shuler was found hanging dead from a rappelling tower by abusive drill instructors Sgt Gonzalez and Staff Sgt Carrington. Lindsey (L) told Harm (H) that the State Department wasn’t happy with his defense of the CAG and wanted to know how a JAG lawyer ended up parachuting into Bosnia. Meg (Mg) said their defense occasionally went beyond the courtroom and Lindsey agreed. State, however, wondered if staging jailbreaks in Iraq, flying missions in F-14s and recovering stolen nuclear weapons fit the definition of “occasionally.” Harm repeated the recruiting slogan that the Navy wasn’t just a job, it’s an adventure. Lindsey said he told them that he wouldn’t tell them how to run state if they didn’t tell him how to run JAG; but, wanted H to take a lower profile for awhile.
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