Mutiny – 133

[A significant episode despite being nearly a complete Role-playing show using the JAG characters (based on true 1842 executions aboard a naval vessel which led to the founding of Annapolis).]

Despite being in the middle of preparing for her wedding to Brumby, Mac (M) was assigned to give a JAG talk at the Naval Academy about its beginnings . She researched the case of the USS Somers where the tyrannical actions of the captain had eventually led to the establishment of a “much more sophisticated method of training officers.” During her preparations, M had “flashes” of the events, as she said “in a very personal nature.” In her flashbacks, Brumby played the captain Alexander Slidell MacKenzie who had believed that Philip Spencer, the son of the Secretary of War (SECNAV), was plotting a mutiny. Then, through his paranoia, he hung Spencer and two of his “accomplices.”
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