Black Ops – 17

[A truly masterfully written episode. Compare this episode with the season 10 episode “San Diego”, filmed to please CBS minions wanting the “younger demographic,” with its: intrusive space-ship music; vertiginous, aimlessly wandering photography; disgustingly confusing character morality; and superficial entertainment despite a moderately interesting core plot. This was a well written and delivered episode. Music was grand, photography larger than life, character development captivating and script (as C said) “heroic.”]

JAG officers Harm (H) and Meg (Mg) investigated the death of USN Pilot, Lt Douglas Marion, the son of unforgiving Senator Grace Marion, during a SEAL “black op” mission; but, they were “stonewalled” by the entire group until finally they charged the whole team with obstruction of justice. Marion’s autopsy showed massive injury from his fall after his parachute didn’t open but also hypoxic coma which revealed some of the groups previous lies.
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High Ground – 16

An arrogant marine Col Gordon transferred Gunnery Sgt Ray Crockett back to the front and wouldn’t even listen to him trying to protest that he had an arrangement with two previous commanders for the rest of his three years of service. So, to get his attention he borrowed a rifle from one of his men and shot at Gordon’s rear view mirror some 1000 meters away. Gordon put him in the brig for court-martial of attempted murder. Chegwidden assigned Harm to investigate and try and save him if he could. C said that Crockett had been a sniper in Vietnam when C was pinned down in an ambush at night. He heard 18 shots and the next day found 18 dead NVA from Crockets rifle and that he was the best sniper the military ever had. Crockett had refused to let C buy him a drink. Krennick suggested that she accompany H and C told her “he’s capable of doing it on his own.” In the brig Crockett said that he didn’t remember Chegwidden and assured H that he wouldn’t be going to court-martial– he just wanted his deal that he had been promised, he had done enough killing. He caught a fly in his hand which impressed H. Crockett’s entire file was redacted so he called K for help. She made a big deal out of helping him and flew to Quantico with Crockett’s “real” file including his kill book. H read and learned it all so he could talk to him about his defense. Gordon tried to stack the investigation against Crockett and refused to even listen to H either.
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