Fair Winds and Following Seas – 227

Harm and Mac coin flip imageCresswell (Cr) announced the big news of both Harm (H) and Mac’s (M) promotions and reassignments. Everyone (nearly) vies for selection by either H or M who are supposed to choose their own staff – and Cr said that “all JAG employees are fair game!” Mac “psychically” told H that they will be 5489 miles and 10.5 hrs flying time apart. Coates (Co) wanted to “stay the same” until coaxed by Vukovick (V) to be “adventuresome.” Turner (T) congratulated H on making captain & his appointment. Surprised, H said “It sounds like you mean it”; then “you were qualified too.” Turner replied “the captains board didn’t think so. But perhaps I’ll be JAG after you.” Mac sublet her apt to Vereese, who was moving to DC in order to see how it worked out with T. Bud (B) commented that Hs new position is a “straight shot into JAG” then fumbled when Cr advised he “didn’t plan on retiring anytime soon.” Harm told Mattie he wouldn’t go anywhere without her & Tom isn’t contesting custody.
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Death at the Mosque – 223

[Except for Vukovic’s arrogant, know-it-all character, this was an episode reminiscent of the “real” JAG that we all used to know and love.]

Coates (Co) spruced up Vukovic (V) before he went in to see Cresswell (Cr), and was told to “call me ‘Vic.'” Co later told Mac (M) that V “was kinda cute” to which M responded: “He clearly shares your opinion of himself.” Cresswell sent V, alone, to defend PFC Hoke Smith, who had been charged by General Hugh Cardworthy with the un-premeditated murder of a civilian – an incident which just happened to be caught on ZNN videotape. Col Bootney presided [he was judge last week in San Diego] and Marine Maj Atkins prosecuted. Atkins had been a tank commander in Desert Storm and went into JAG after “he lost some body parts.” Cardworthy told V that he would need to “‘be there’ in order to understand, even a little, what a marine is and does and why.” Smith said that their six men went through a raging gun battle to neutralize the sniper in the minaret of the mosque. They shot some terrorists on the ground floor, then Brad Holliman’s cameraman wanted to get a shot from the tower so ran on ahead. He was blown back, dead. Smith and PFC Quick went up the stairs, threw a grenade, then shot a terrorist who they saw raising his gun. Holliman then brought the camera up just as another man was raising his arm and was shot by Smith. Later he wasn’t found to be armed or booby trapped. Holliman threw the video all over the airwaves, “just doing his job.”
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Hail and Farewell (Part II) – 207

[Follow-up sequel to last season’s finale and the first without Chegwidden who has left the series.]

Mac (M) returned to her apartment late and found that it had been trashed. Simon Tanveer (MI6 agent) was there, stabbed, and claiming to be “saving her life.” He told her that he thought Webb (W) was still alive. He stayed in Ms apartment, because “everyone who knew W was in danger” from Peter Tyrook, “the Hawk,” a contract killer who was looking for W. Webb had been planning to do a “sting” on Tyrook; but, now the tables were turned and W was the target. M tried to get Turner (T) to tell her what he had found during his investigation of Ws death; but, instead of just telling her he found nothing, he acted like he just “wouldn’t tell her.” She went to Ws apartment and heard him punching codes, to retrieve his messages from the answering machine, but he wouldn’t answer her. She talked to Laurie June, Ws assistant, and asked her to “think about” telling her where W was. Later, while Tanveer was with her, M got a call from Laurie who merely said W was at “Mandalay.” They went to Laurie’s apartment and found she had been tortured to death.
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Coming Home – 202

[“JAG officer Harm helps protects a mother of a marine killed in action while serving in Iraq from overzealous reporters. In so doing, he works to prepare her for the upcoming burial of her son. Mac & Bud are called upon to see why armored vests given to soldiers in the field to protect them, instead are failing to do what they were designed to do.”]
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What If – 200

[The writers/producers were getting a bit nostalgic with this, the 200th, episode. Through Harm’s ‘daydreams’, they conjectured about what the series might have been like if they had directed the characters differently at various ‘choice points.’ It is another ‘role playing’ episode; but, where the major cast play themselves in an alternate universe. Still, however, it’s pretty much another ‘soapbox opera’ and NOT the typical JAG we are looking for. As you read this, just don’t lose the fact that this is “the road less traveled” and a daydream sequence… or you WILL be lost.]

On the occasion of PO Coates’ (Co) promotion to first class, the ‘regulars’ were at a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Chegwidden (C) overruled the argument about who should open their fortune cookie first by saying “we’ll go by height, you first Rabb.” Harm’s (H) was: “Your unspoken desire is the road not taken, take it”; but, he avoided the obligatory “reading aloud.” Instead he lapsed into a reverie in which he was at JAG receiving his wife, Mac (M), who was dressed in silk “civvies,” acting childishly flippant, and wanting their divorce papers signed. They had decided to marry, after the night in Sydney harbor, but now she said she was tired of him not paying attention to her and announced she was quitting the service and marrying John Farrow, a river guide in Colorado.
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A Merry Little Christmas – 193

[Again, so many fragments it’s difficult to summarize, and all of them a bunch of “soapbox” rather than action; however, an interesting JAG episode, none-the-less, as long as it doesn’t become their regular method. Harm and Mac, Turner and his dad, Harriet and Bud, Harm and Mattie, Chegwidden and Meredith, Coates and… well everyone. It is their Christmas show, after all.]

Harm (H) and Mattie (Mt) were rebuilding a carburetor at Grace Aviation, and discussing what she needed to do at their upcoming custody hearing, when Harry Clark burst in the door and became abusive to Mattie. Harm bristled and grabbed him, only to be told that he now owned the hanger and she had better be out in two days. Mattie had a birthday without telling H, and was now 15, and said she “did things my way.” She had applied for extension on her bank loan but they refused when they found out that she was running the business, then they had sold it at auction. The house is still hers, with a bank note. The guardian ad litem, Donna LeMoyne, came on as a shrew and caught H without a lot of specifics to his plans. She said he’d better be ready by the home inspection and needed someone to vouch for his suitability as a parent.
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Back in the Saddle – 188

[Another ‘life changing episode,’ removing a character, adding another and nobody seems too happy.]

Commander Carolyn Imes was prosecuting Petty Officer Lawson for neglecting his assigned gun mount maintenance and causing injury to three sailors when MPs stormed the court room, ostensibly under Chegwidden’s (C) orders, and arrested her. In line for a new security clearance a background check revealed that she had changed her name to a recently deceased member of the Michigan bar, requested a duplicate certificate, and claimed she had passed the bar on her JAG application – instead of having missed it by one point. Chegwidden ordered all her defended cases to be reversed – needing re-evaluation for re-trial. Mac (M) pointed out that Harm (H) had been the prosecutor in 27 of the cases so he could be helpful. Chegwidden said “expedite all you want, get it done by end of the week.”
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A Tangled Webb II – (Part 4) – 183

[JAG Season opener – DJEs contract signed – Harm’s back. But, somewhere in this season “Chegwidden” decided to leave the series; and, probably “Harm” as well, but he was talked into staying for ‘just one more season.’ ]

Far from JAG headquarters in South America, Harm (H) was alone and unconscious in the crashed bi-winged airplane that he had “rented” from the Mennonite farmer; but, Mac (M) was gone. He did still have his pistol and found the trail of pregnancy clothing that Mac had left for him to follow. He was dizzy and couldn’t see well so when he got to the road, and was nearly hit by a truck, he fired his gun at a pickup truck who’s tire had blown. Mac called out to stop him then they both began their subtle sniping at each other which lasted through the whole episode. She had gone back to Sadik’s farm and found everyone dead (except Fadik) so she took the truck. A cow stood in the middle of the road and H told M to “make her move.” She delayed, so H took out his gun and said “we can always shoot her,” which made M go “talk” to the cow. The cow listened then just walked away and when H asked “what did you say to it” M retorted “I just told her about you, and like every woman you’ve ever known she went screaming into the night.” They went back to Hardy’s office and found it abandoned.
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A Tangled Webb I – Part 3 – 182

[Follow-up to the previous JAG ‘cliff-hanger’ type episode – itself a true cliff-hanger leaving H and Ms fate (and contracts) in a state of limbo – there was no ‘to be continued’ tag at the end of the episode!]

The JAG, Chegwidden (C), notified Harm (H) that Mac (M) and Webb (W) were missing in Paraguay. When C didn’t approve Hs request to be sent to find M, nor his request for leave so he could on his own time, H resigned his commission! Chegwidden said “after you’ve given up your career and risked your life to save M what are you willing to risk to keep her?” Harm said he hadn’t thought it through. Harm obtained contact with the CIA director through Catharine Gale; and although it was he who sent harm to bureau director Edward Hardy, Hardy still wouldn’t help. He told H that “life is cheap, trust no one.” Gunny (G) had escaped M and Ws “rescue” battle with Sadik and eventually found H in the city. He took him to where W and M were being tortured by Sadik Fahd.
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Pas de Deux – Part 2 – 181

[Continued from previous JAG episode]

When Garcia got the drop on them both and asked why he shouldn’t shoot him, Webb (W) said that he could “make him rich” explaining that he had a “line” on Predator B missiles, van and 4 hellfire war heads. Garcia gave him back his gun and said that he and Mac (M), his wife, had “earned his trust.” Garcia sent Gunny (G) with Sadik’s men to test the circuit boards then to bring back the drugs. Gunny asked who would be backup and was told there would be none. Sadik’s men kept using vague references to him like “he would be dealt with.” Webb stopped the car to let M “relieve herself” and shot Alvaro Camacho, his driver, who he realized was a “mole” when he noticed a passing look of recognition between him and Sadik’s men. Edward Hardy, the CIA section chief in Paraguay, told W that he was no longer the youngest under secretary or rising star. He would give W help only if he could take credit for it- “your ticket out of here is going to have my name on it too.” He was then shown going to a night meeting with some “drug lord looking” Spanish men. When it same time to take out Garcia’s hacienda Hardy whined and waffled until M backed him down with full blame for letting a known enemy of the US escape.
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Lawyers Guns and Money – Part 1 – 180

Webb returned from his eight month exile in Tierra De Fuego with a request to the JAG, Chegwidden (C), for the use of Mac (M). His cover has been that he’s a diamond dealer with an absent wife due to her pregnancy. Now he is supposed to make a diamond deal and must produce his “wife.” Mac received training in recognizing diamonds and a “pregnancy suit.” An al Qaeda terrorist named Sadik Fahd purchased 100 stinger missiles from a drug lord, Raul Garcia, for a large amount of coke. The stinger missiles were without circuit boards that made them fly straight which W was supplying for diamonds. Webb was out of his CIA territory and the area station chief told him that the operation was going to belong to both of them so he could get out of Paraguay too. Webb told M that he wanted her along specifically because there was a mole in the agency and he needed someone he could trust who could speak Farsi. He confessed to her that he “didn’t trust himself anymore because he was taking too many chances.”
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The Mission – 150

JAG attorneys Harm (H) and Mac (M) were sent to the Seahawk to stop JAG’s (Lt Cdr Jack Hillyard in particular) from preventing the prosecution of war by demanding 100% certainty of targets. When he got there, H was asked by Capt. Johnson to fly missions with the ships’ pilots to help refine the rules of engagement. Harm told M he was glad that she was there with him. In one mission H became flight leader due to mechanical problems which upset the “real” leader. Gen Taylor (anvil 22) assigned a target. The ground spotter refined the target to an old school where suspected senior Al Qaeda & Taliban leaders were located. Mac, acting as the JAG advisor, asked if there were buildings which would be collaterally damaged. The spotter said there were but it was night and he believed that it was unlikely that any civilians were there. Mac advised they might “prosecute the target” which surprised the AWACs crew who were used to prolonged deliberation and questioning.
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Dog Robber (Part II) – 144

[Continued JAG episode from part 1]

Lt. Barrett was taken into custody after blowing up the surveillance plane and asked Harm (H), who was assigned TAD from JAG, to defend him. Adm Boone (the CAG) told H that “by all rights we should be giving him a medal.” Chegwidden (C) then did officially assign H the defense and H turned down Singers (S) offer to assist, in favor of asking Bud (B). She then offered to help Turner (T) who was prosecuting. While T was helping H restore his Vet – H had to remind him that “according to you, I’ve NEVER had a winnable case.” Barrett had been selected for the Naval Academy as a third generation Navy man. Boone told H that he was upset of the inequities that “would give the person giving their secret plane to the Chinese a medal; while it court-martialed the person who prevented it!” He told H of a time in Vietnam when they were ordered NOT to hit the lighthouse in Hanoi Harbor (because of it’s necessity to shipping) even though it was a site of an enemy artillery unit. When 3 US air crews had been lost, Boone said that he sent his wingman on ahead and he turned back and pumped 2,000 rounds of ammunition directly into the flack site. Boone asked if H “would have brought him up on charges.” Harm merely responded that it actually had been his own Dad that had done the deed not Boone, as he had heard the story in his father’s letter-tapes. Harm also told him that his dad had said Boone “could never hide what you were thinking or feeling… so I’d clean you out in poker.” Boone asked “have you always been this obnoxious?” H said, “yes, you just never noticed.” “The larger truth is on your side,” Boone said. “Yes,” said H, “we just have to get past the facts.”
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